Since entering the autumn forest fire prevention period, the Greater Xing'an Mountains forest area in Inner Mongolia has seized the favorable weather and initiated the planned burning action at an appropriate time to minimize the load of combustible materials and reduce the pressure on fire prevention.

Up to now, 2,240 kilometers of fire barriers have been opened by means of burning and mechanical farming.

  At 5 kilometers from the main ditch of Wenkutu Forest Farm on the Xingwen Line of Wuerqi Hansen Industrial Company, 50 forest firefighters stood in a strip shape and lined up in a burning formation. Only a few of them sprayed gasoline along the expected route. It was on the dead grass and ignited quickly. The fire rose on the grass and thick smoke billowed. Other forest firefighters followed closely behind with fire extinguishers to prevent the fire from spreading to the surroundings.

After half an hour, there was no dead grass on both sides of the road, and only a piece of black land was left.

(Produced by Zhang Wei, Tang Yongpeng, Chen Feng, sourced from the reporter station of Daxinganling Forest District, Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station)

Editor in charge: [Tang Weijie]

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