Kei Komuro, who will marry Mako on the 26th of this month, left home to greet Mr. and Mrs. Akishino.

Kei Komuro (30) will visit the residence of the Akishinomiya family on the Akasaka Imperial Property on the 18th to greet Mr. and Mrs. Akishinomiya.

Mako will be reunited with Komuro for the first time in about three years.

Mr. Komuro left his home in Yokohama at around 7:47 am.

In a suit, I had my long hair short when I returned to Japan last month.

When Mr. Komuro left his house, he gave a light bow to the gathered press and got into the car and left.

Mako will marry Komuro on the 26th of this month and will have a press conference with her at a hotel in Tokyo.