(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) Fujian's high-risk areas in this round of epidemic "cleared"

  China News Service, Fuzhou, October 8 (Zheng Jiangluo) According to a report from the Fujian Provincial Health Commission on October 8, from 0:00 to 24:00 on October 7, there were no new confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia or asymptomatic infections reported in Fujian Province .

As the entire Xiamen area was unblocked at 21:00 on October 7, Fujian has been fighting the "epidemic" for 28 days, achieving the "clearing" of the high-risk areas in this round of epidemics.

  Since September 10, Fujian has reported a total of 468 local confirmed cases, and 186 are currently hospitalized, with no deaths; there are currently 0 local asymptomatic infections who are still undergoing centralized isolation and medical observation.

This round of the local epidemic in Fujian has spread to Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou.

  Starting at 21:00 on October 7, 1 high-risk area in Xinmin Town, Tongan District, Xiamen City, and 3 medium-risk areas in Fenggang Community, Yangdi Community, Xihu Community, and Shanpingli, Xiangping Sub-district, were adjusted to low-risk areas; Xiamen was evacuated Check points of Xiamen passage, airports, railway stations, long-distance bus stations, docks and other transportation stations, leaving Xiamen will no longer be checked for 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificates.

This means that Xiamen City has been unblocked.

  With the unblocking of Xiamen's entire territory, Fujian's local epidemic prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia finally achieved a phased victory, and the 28-day war "epidemic" achieved the "clearing" of the medium and high risk areas.

  Putian City, where this round of the epidemic first occurred in Fujian, was also converted to a low-risk area on October 7, and the entire area was unblocked.

Prior to this, Zhangzhou City and Quanzhou City were released on September 30 and October 4 respectively.

  On October 6, the results of the tenth round of nucleic acid tests for all employees in Tongan District, Xiamen City were all negative, and the results of daily nucleic acid tests for other key areas and key personnel in the city were also negative.

Since September 23, Xiamen has had no new local confirmed cases found in the community for 14 consecutive days.

Xiamen officials therefore decided to unblock it.

  Starting from that day, scenic spots, scenic spots, parks and other outdoor places and indoor public places in Tong'an District will be opened in an orderly manner, and the bus and BRT lines in Xiamen affected by the epidemic control will resume normal operations.

  Xiamen has also begun to organize schools to resume offline teaching.

Guo Xianwen, director of the Xiamen Education Bureau, revealed at a press conference that under the premise of ensuring safety in prevention and control, schools at all levels and various types will resume offline teaching in stages; except for schools in the Tongan area, in Xiamen colleges, ordinary middle schools, and primary schools. And kindergartens will resume offline teaching one after another.

  The Fujian epidemic has scattered, but the prevention and control of the epidemic is still ongoing.

Relevant sources said that low risk does not mean no risk, and zero new addition does not mean zero hidden dangers. It is still necessary to prevent external imports and internal rebounds, and orderly restore production and life order under the premise of ensuring safety.