• Science The frantic scientific work on the ship Ramón Margalef: "The ash already affects the seabed"

  • Volcanologist Maurizio Ripepe: "Our goal is to anticipate an eruption weeks in advance"

The La Palma volcano has entered a new phase this Monday in which it again generates

strong strombolian-type explosions

and has formed a large

lava flow

that descends from its main cone along the path opened by the previous ones, after a day in which seemed to stop suddenly and its activity ceased for hours.

Not counting the large amount of lava that has been expelling since tonight, this eruption had already exceeded in just seven days the last one that occurred on La Palma, that of Teneguía in 1971:

46.3 million of

the new volcano has emerged in a week.

cubic meters of materials,

while the Teneguía moved 43 million in 24 days.

7.00 The lava is already 1,200 meters from the sea

Lava from the



Cumbre Vieja


La Palma

, which now flows faster to the liquid being, already at some point reaching 1,200 meters from the sea, according to reports.

The contact of the lava with the sea is dangerous for the nearby population, due to the toxicity of the gas mixture but, also, because it could vitrify, be incorporated into the cloud and fall into a nearby environment in the form of splinters, according to has explained the expert in volcanology of the Illustrious College of Geologists (ICOG), José Luis Barrera.

According to the latest measurements from the Copernicus terrestrial observation satellite system,


, which in some sections can reach a thickness of up to 50 meters, has affected

513 homes

and an area of ​​237.5 hectares, 27.5 more in just 24 hours.

The area covered by the volcano's ashes has extended to 1,507 hectares (193 more than the last estimate) and 18.9 kilometers of roads have been destroyed by the advance of the lava flows.

The number of people evacuated from their homes stands at about 5,600, after the approximately 200 residents evacuated on Friday due to the intensification of the eruptions could return to their homes on Sunday.

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Cumbre ViejaVolcán on La Palma, the eruption live |

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