The Russian Foreign Ministry is talking about the facts of interference by American Internet giants in the domestic parliamentary elections.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the patience of the Russian side is "not unlimited."

At the same time, there is a fundamental difference with similar accusations against our country, which have become regularly heard in the United States since Trump's victory in the presidential election. On the one hand, there are unfounded accusatory speeches and suspicions, the increased noise level of which is their only evidence. And on the other - specifics: Russia provided the United States with facts, dates and IP addresses of the American intervention. All information was brought first to the US Ambassador to Moscow, Sullivan, then the Russian embassy in Washington presented it to the State Department and the US National Security Council.

The second fundamental difference: Russia is not going to engage in "megaphone diplomacy" turning into fights without rules, build a PR campaign out of the facts of interference and clamor around the world. This was also stated by Maria Zakharova. The Russian approach is based on concrete dialogue with the American side.

In general, the strategy for delegitimizing the Russian elections is perfectly understandable. Such events are now not overlooked, using them, the guardians of democracy try to shake society every time, instill nihilism in relation to the electoral system, the authorities and arrange a storm of popular anger. The most vivid example is last year's post-election events in Belarus, which were driven by a kind of "matryoshka": American inspirers and designers, Polish-Lithuanian media and Internet resources, an outraged progressive public in Europe and, finally, wonderful and bright people who took to the streets in Belarus and who spoke for all the good ...

Now one can observe how the States, through their Internet companies, acting as the avatar of "soft power", are implementing technologies of external pressure on the voter, zombifying him. For example, such as the "Smart Voting" project. It gives almost political and psychic attitudes, for whom you need to vote, links to this project are widely distributed, as well as the corresponding programs. By the way, it is very similar to a banal Internet virus that penetrates computers and destabilizes their work, only here we are talking about society and people. The connection of this project with the United States is Openel's secret.

In parallel, another wave is going through the European Union, which also uses ideological master keys for the Russian electoral system.

Thus, at first the OSCE refused to send its observers to the elections.

They wanted to send a unit of five hundred people, Russia, due to coronavirus restrictions, agreed only 60. So, predictably, they took offense, took a pose to declare afterwards that they were not allowed in and imposed impenetrable barriers at the elections.

This was prepared by the fact that on July 15 the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted a report calling on the EU countries not to recognize the results of the Russian elections to the State Duma if they are held with violations.

They, of course, if you want to look for a long time, you can and put in the form of the same "Smart Voting".

Now, on the eve of the elections, on September 15, the European Parliament approved, to put it mildly, a strange document. It is all about the same: about the readiness not to recognize the results of the Russian elections and to be on the alert to suspend Russia's participation in international parliamentary structures. That is, our country is still threatened with the same scarecrow of isolation if democratic principles in the elections are not properly implemented. Here, after all, we understand that no evidence will be required and the new composition of the Russian parliament can easily be called illegitimate and try to freeze relations with it. Wild heads for such undertakings will be found.

“It is obvious that the European Parliament intends to draw any conclusions on this score on the basis of the conclusions of those organizations that either withdrew themselves under a far-fetched pretext from participating in the monitoring of elections to the State Duma, or had nothing to do with this process,” she commented on these facts. European bureaucratic rampage Maria Zakharova.

So these two waves of the strategy of external electoral intervention are coming towards each other.

One will launch viruses, and the second creates extras, a chorus of anger and resentment.

They very much want to see the changes they need in Russia in the style of “back to the 1990s”.

These expected changes are for them a measure of the legitimacy of the elections.

The European Parliament may find flagrant violations in the fact that Russia did not follow the electoral precepts of "Smart Voting", which, in turn, is supervised and supported by the American side through its special services and IT companies. Such are the elementary ticks for the Russian elections, which should put them in the dock and carry out their ritual action with the already written verdict. All this smacks of old inquisitorial practices with the presumption of guilt.

I must say that in Russia they have long been talking about the need to protect digital sovereignty. It's about that very infinite patience. The methods used by the American Internet giants are well known and well documented. In fact, they work in the format of private military companies, only in the digital sphere. They strictly clean up and censor all objectionable content and promote politically motivated, while demonstrating a rather arrogant position regarding national legislation and designating the highest authority - US law.

This was demonstrated recently, when, for example, Google announced the introduction of a tax on YouTube bloggers outside the United States.

It was noted that bloggers will have to provide tax information before a certain deadline, then the tax rate will be calculated.

All this is being done allegedly due to changes in the tax legislation of the States.

This supreme benchmark extends to other countries, which should be equal to it.

This is how IT companies implement the functions of total censorship, a repressive apparatus, promotion of interests, and also become a source of external exposure to national electoral procedures. Such powers are delegated to them. Another plus of such PMCs, or rather digital corporations, is that the official authorities can always dissociate themselves from them. But in fact, they are controlled drones with the already listed ammunition. After all, we remember that the States can do anything, they have an alibi for democracy, they do not interfere, but promote the highest values, and if we do not understand this, then that means our problem. This fits perfectly into the black-and-white logic that was imposed by the system of a unipolar world.

It is impossible to passively observe all this, and it is fraught with - it can lead to the destruction of society by such viruses.

Now it is no longer necessary to bomb a country to wreak havoc there: digital impact on society and minds can be no less effective in terms of destructive power.

Therefore, voices are already being heard about the need to tighten domestic legislation in relation to American Internet companies that evade the requirements of the Russian side and laws.

By the way, this can become one of the priorities of the new convocation of the State Duma.

The country's digital sovereignty must become a reality.

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