Last month, the Otsu Family Court decided to send a 17-year-old brother, who was arrested in Otsu City for assaulting and killing his 6-year-old sister, to a juvenile training school.

The court said that "I was forced to do household chores and take care of my sister by myself," and that protective measures were appropriate rather than criminal measures.

On the 1st of last month, a 6-year-old girl in the first grade of elementary school was found lying under a jungle gym in a park in Otsu City, and then her 17-year-old brother was assaulted and killed. He was arrested on suspicion of being sent to the family court.

According to the Otsu Family Court, on the 17th, after making a recommendation for correctional education for a considerable period of time, it was decided to send it to the juvenile training school.

Judge Hiromi Yokoi said in the reason for the decision, "I repeatedly beat and kicked my sister with different powers for about 10 days. The result of losing the life of only 6 years old is serious." ..

On the other hand, he pointed out that his brother was a so-called "young carer", saying that "the number of days my mother did not go home increased and I was forced to do housework and take care of my sister by myself."

"There was also a motive to get angry with my sister's words and actions and to change it. I feel excessive stress without anyone to rely on, and it is terrible to hold the responsibility only to the boy." It is appropriate to receive protective measures instead of criminal measures.