Beijing, September 8th (Xu Jing) September 14-18, the 19th Beijing International Book Festival National Exhibition) held.

This year's Book Festival has 11 exhibition areas with a total exhibition area of ​​12,000 square meters.

In addition to the main exhibition hall, this year's Book Festival will also enter the physical bookstore together with the China Library, and jointly hold a tour exhibition with a number of embassies and cultural institutions in China. The exhibition will display and sell cultural books, cultural creations and characteristics of many countries. product.

Highlight the new achievements of Chinese publishing

  This year’s International Book Festival has a total exhibition area of ​​12,000 square meters and 11 exhibition areas, including the theme publishing exhibition area, the Beijing cultural heritage exhibition area, the Winter Olympics (ice and snow) life exhibition area, the digital publishing copyright exhibition area, the music life trend area, and the central stage. Reading activity area, children's book boutique, physical bookstore street, time ancient bookstore, publishing creative industry park exhibition area, creative publishing cultural and creative exhibition area.

Each exhibition area makes full use of innovative digital technology and highly demonstrates the technological innovation and development of my country's publishing industry.

  Among them, the "Digital Publishing Copyright Exhibition" under the background of the arrival of the 5g era, featuring visualization, interactivity, and popularization of science, comprehensively displays the capital's publishing copyright development history, copyright achievements and copyright law science popularization, and builds a copyright trading platform for industry insiders. Provide readers with a knowledge window to understand copyright principles.

The linkage covers multiple media and innovative reading lifestyles such as digital technology, digital platform, digital sound, and payment for knowledge, showing the current status and achievements of digital reading, and exploring the development path of digital reading.

  The "Music Industry Trend" area gathers a number of music publishing organizations and high-tech equipment manufacturers, exhibiting the most technological, fashionable and popular music works, headset products, digital music (audio) products, highlighting Chinese music The hard power of technological development and the leading power of a better lifestyle.

Build an international cultural exchange platform

  According to reports, outside of the main exhibition hall this year, the Beijing International Book Festival and the China Library will be organically integrated and walked into more than 20 Beijing physical bookstores together to create BIBF "World Reading Season" and "Window of the World in Bookstores."

At that time, a number of embassies, cultural institutions, writers, scholars, etc. in China will be united to hold the "MIN100" tour exhibition at the same time during the International Book Festival. The exhibition will display cultural books from Brazil, Poland, France, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Iran and other countries. , Cultural creation and characteristic products, open a window of the world full of international vision and exotic flavors for readers in Beijing.

  At the same time, the "Time Ancient Bookstore" exhibition area will systematically display the essence of Chinese culture through exhibition contents such as "Treasure Chinese Bookstore-Gene Rediscovery of Traditional Bookstores" and a series of traditional cultural interaction activities.

  The “Beijing Context Exhibition” highlights the central axis of Beijing’s important position as the soul and backbone of Beijing by exhibiting related publications such as Beijing’s central axis geography, culture, urban planning, and vividly showing the capital city by telling the construction of the Grand Canal and the city’s sub-centers. The spread and growth of functions; through the display of the "Three Mountains, Five Gardens" and "Eight Scenery of Yanxi" related paintings and calligraphy, the ancient capital's profound cultural and natural blending charm is promoted.

Rich reading scenes on the physical bookstore street

  This year's International Book Festival closely integrates creative, fashionable, cultural and creative, children's books, games and other scenes, advocates the return of fun life, and provides readers of different ages with rich scenes that are readable, accessible, and enjoyable.

  The "Physical Bookstore Street" exhibition area gathers Xinhua Bookstore, Forbidden City Bookstore, Lishi Bookstore, Waiyan Bookstore, Duocaayu Bookstore, Pageone Bookstore, Spring Breeze Bookstore, etc., to showcase the futuristic sense of the red bookstore, the culture and innovation of the Forbidden City, and campus bookstores. The international vision, the trendy sense of literary bookstores, the data management innovation of second-hand bookstores, and the artistic empowerment of rural bookstores, show visitors the beauty of uneven bookstores.

  The Children's Book Collection brings together the BIBF International Picture Book Exhibition, the Excellent Chinese Original Book Fair, etc., leading children to find different fun in the children's book world; the Publishing Creative Industry Park gathers the most creative themed publications of the moment, highlighting the innovation and innovation of the publishing industry Explore the way; the creative publishing and cultural and creative exhibition area is titled "Books are all things", presenting creative themes, national graphics, cultural and creative, style camping, trendy art and other reading-enhancing possibilities for life.

  In addition, the Winter Olympics (Ice and Snow) Life Exhibition with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as the core will also showcase Winter Olympic publications, ice and snow sports games and other themes, linking ice and snow life with reading, advocating sports for all, and helping the healthy development of the whole people.

Construct a modern reading service system

  In addition to the main exhibition hall, this year's Book Festival will link up with Sina Weibo, Tencent platform, Kindle China, Duozhuyu platform, Confucius Old Book Network, and Youshu APP through various reading spaces, bookstores, and communities all over the capital. , Migu Reading, Beiqing Community News and other network platforms, realize online + offline linkage.

  For example, by launching the "Most Beautiful Bookstore into the Community" series of theme activities, based on the community and school in the 15-minute reading circle around the bookstore, the bookstore can establish direct contact with the target audience.

Guide people to enter the bookstore, and at the same time allow the cultural services of the bookstore to enter the community, and build a modern public culture and reading service system.

  It is reported that this year's Beijing International Book Festival is guided by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. With the theme of "A Century of New Journey, Adding Books to the Capital", it will showcase the development achievements of the capital's publishing industry by bringing together domestic and foreign publishing and publishing industry resources. And with books as the link, publishing as the support, and the goal of a better life, to promote cultural interlinkage and industry linkage, build a rich cultural activity system at the Beijing International Book Festival, and lead a beautiful lifestyle of reading, popular reading, and enjoyment for all. Continuously promote the construction of reading for all the people in the capital. (over)