China News Service, August 30. According to official Weibo news from Beijing, on August 30, 2021, Beijing Haidian Court concluded a criminal and collateral civil case involving the epidemic.

The defendant Fang refused to cooperate with the epidemic prevention inspection and injured the security guard. His behavior constituted the crime of provoking quarrels and was sentenced to ten months imprisonment. He also compensated the plaintiff in the incidental civil lawsuit and the victim of the case, Lin Mou, for the loss caused by the injury of RMB 20,000. Yu Yuan.

  After hearings, the Haidian Court found that at about 11 o'clock on August 4, 2021, when the defendant Fang entered the Wudaokou shopping mall in Haidian District, Beijing to go to work, he did not cooperate with the victim Lin, who was performing the epidemic prevention and control security task, and showed his health scan. Code record, quarrel with Lin Mou.

Someone in the rear returned to the shop where he worked to find a wallpaper knife and went to the door of the building to pierce Lin's left shoulder and other places. After Lin fell to the ground, he punched and kicked him. The degree of physical damage was identified as a minor injury.

Defendant Fang was still waiting at the scene after he knew that the victim called the police. He was summoned to the case by the public security organ on that day and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime.

  The Haidian Court held that during the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the defendant Fang refused to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and inspection, and used a murder weapon to beat others at will. The circumstances were bad and his behavior constituted the crime of quarreling and provoking quarrels.

The court supported Lin's request for an incidental civil lawsuit in accordance with the law.

In view of the fact that the defendant Fang pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty and surrendered, the court made the above judgment.