He discovers he has cancer from "Tik Tok"

A 22-year-old man praised TikTok users who discovered he had a swollen thyroid gland that turned out to be a cancerous nodule.

And the newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that Aruh Mancad, 22, from Seattle in the United States, revealed in a recent video that he underwent surgery to remove the cancerous part of the thyroid gland - which was discovered after many TikTok users urged him to: Examinations, according to

"(Tik Tok) told me I had cancer," Mancad said.

"It seems they were right," he explained in a post about his recent surgery, revealing that he only visited his doctor out of extreme caution after receiving warnings from followers who indicated that his thyroid appeared to be "swollen."

According to Mancad, he was first alerted to the disease after posting a video - which prompted many users to call his attention to the swelling in the middle of his throat.

Mancad said he made the decision to see his doctor "out of extreme caution" after receiving the warnings - acknowledging that he would not have known that something was wrong without the careful attention of users.