Europe 1 5:14 p.m., August 20, 2021, modified at 5:16 p.m., August 20, 2021

From August 23, Europe 1 unveils to listeners new events: information, politics, story, economy, society, culture, sport and gastronomy will punctuate the antenna throughout this season which promises to be rich in events.

Listeners will find appointments and faces well known to the station, but also new voices that will enrich the air.


5 am-6.30am: Europe Matin, presented by Julien Pearce and Ombline Roche

Surrounded by editorial journalists, the two animators accompany the early risers for a first full tour of the news.

A warm hour and a half to discover the latest information with newspapers every half hour and daily subjects, punctuated by three major interviews: a tour of initiatives in France at 5.19 a.m., a news guest at 6.10 a.m. with Julien Pearce and a consumer interview brought, at 5:40 am, by Ombline Roche.

The latter will also deliver, at 6:20 am, its "score" to listeners.

Without forgetting a tour in the region with the regional newspapers, the cultural prescriptions of the editorial staff, "the pressing", "the sports newspaper" and the inevitable weather forecast.

6:30 am-9am: Europe Matin, presented by Dimitri Pavlenko

Dimitri Pavlenko takes the controls of the morning in Europe 1. Two and a half hours live listening to those who make the world: tell it, decipher it and analyze it to give the keys to reading and understanding. listeners. In particular, he will conduct a major eco interview at 6:40 a.m. The listeners will find their usual appointments: at 8:15 am, "The political interview" carried by Sonia Mabrouk, an international press review (6:53 am), innovation with Anicet Mbida (6:49 am), the editorials of Vincent Hervouët (7:10 am) , Virginie Phulpin (7:19 a.m.) and Nicolas Beytout from l'Opinion (7:53 a.m.), but also Emmanuel Duteil for the economy (7:15 a.m.), long-format newspapers every half hour and current events throughout the morning with "Le journal permanent" by Albane Leprince.They will find a mood ticket, the prescriptions of the culture service of Europe 1 at 7:47 a.m. and will dive into the archives of the station every day at 7:23 a.m. with Laure Dautriche and Pauline Jacot.

9 am-11am!

Media culture, presented by Philippe Vandel

Third season for Culture media with Philippe Vandel surrounded by columnists and signatures of the station.

Louise Bernard will present "the newspaper of the media" and will reveal the TV audiences each morning at 9:05 am.

New voices are joining the show: journalist Bruno Donnet will return in "Télescopage" to a media fact, comedian and imitator Marc-Antoine Le Bret for "La Story Le Bret", and journalist Lisa-Marie Marques for the portrait of the guest culture.

The listeners will have an appointment with "the essentials" proposed by the journalists culture of the drafting among which: Nicolas Carreau, Margaux Baralon and Clément Lesaffre.

11 a.m.-12.30 p.m .: Bienfait pour vous, presented by Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez

Every day, Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez, surrounded by three columnists, offer a program dedicated to well-being and better living.

Work, consumption, couple, parenthood… a useful and feel-good magazine which deals with all the themes of everyday life.

12.30pm-1pm: Europe Midi, presented by Romain Desarbres

Romain Desarbres offers listeners half an hour of information every day, punctuated by reports, interviews and the words of experts in the studio.

An event not to be missed for a full tour of the news.

1 p.m.-2 p.m .: La France bouge, presented by Emmanuel Duteil and Elisabeth Assayag

Third season for La France bouge on Europe 1 led by Elisabeth Assayag and Emmanuel Duteil.

The journalist duo welcomes a big boss or a big boss around a topical theme (assessment of the tourist season, real estate, energy renovation, etc.).

They talk about their personal experience at the microphone of Europe 1 and advise a young entrepreneur who has just started.

His project could be selected to participate in the 8th edition of the "Europe 1 Trophies of the Future".

The listeners also find the saga of a large French company.

2 pm-3pm: Hondelatte tells, presented by Christophe Hondelatte

Christophe Hondelatte captivates listeners with his unique tone.

Various facts, life courses, and extraordinary destinies ... he tells and returns to these stories which fascinate the French.

The story of the day is always available from 6 a.m. before its broadcast on the antenna and the day before from 3 p.m. for subscribers of the PREMIUM offer.

3 pm-4pm: Hondelatte tells… a year, presented by Christophe Hondelatte

This season, Christophe Hondelatte revisits a year every week (society, politics, manners, culture…) by drawing on the richness of the sound heritage of Europe 1.

4 pm-6pm: Historically Yours, presented by Stéphane Bern and Matthieu Noël

Second season for Stéphane Bern and Matthieu Noël.

The accomplice duo have fun with History - the big, the small, the average ... They retrace together the extraordinary destinies of personalities who could never have crossed paths.

Surrounded by their trio of columnists made up of David Castello-Lopes, Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach and Olivier Poels, they offer two hours where knowledge and humor go hand in hand.

New to the show, the quiz of 'The final fight', carried by Stéphane Bern.

6 pm-8pm: Punchline, presented by Laurence Ferrari (Monday to Thursday) and Pierre de Vilno (Friday)

Two hours of information and live debates orchestrated by Laurence Ferrari, the new face of the station, with all the editorial staff of Europe 1. The first hour is co-broadcast with CNEWS.

8 pm-10pm: Verbena Underground, presented by Mouloud Achour (Monday to Thursday)

From the end of September, from Monday to Thursday, Mouloud Achour takes control of Verbena Underground.

Each evening, a guest indulges in songs and unveils his playlist at the microphone of Europe 1. Once a week, a DJ invites himself on the show and offers a set to listeners.

10 p.m.-10.30 p.m .: The great night newspaper, presented by Alexandre Le Mer

So as not to miss any of the news of the day: the big night newspaper is presented by Alexandre Le Mer with the editorial staff of Europe 1. It is followed, every evening, by the eco interview of Emmanuel Duteil who gives speak to a business manager.

And always "Top on Wall Street" and the glance at the Unes of the press the next day.

10:30 p.m. - 1 a.m .: La Libre antenne, presented by Olivier Delacroix (Monday to Thursday) and Sabine Marin (Friday to Sunday 11 p.m. - 1 a.m.)

In the middle of the night, listeners entrust, in an intimate and warm atmosphere, their questions and doubts to the attentive ears of Olivier Delacroix from Monday to Thursday and Sabine Marin from Friday to Sunday. 

8 pm-11pm: Europe 1 Sport, presented by Lionel Rosso (Friday to Sunday)

Lionel Rosso is back for a new season at the helm of the resort's major sports section.

It brings together listeners and football enthusiasts to live with journalists and correspondents from Europe 1, in stadium duplex, highlights of Ligue 1 and live results.

The weekend : 

6 am-9am: Europe Matin weekend, presented by Bérénice Bourgueil

Bérénice Bourgueil, the station's new voice, wakes up station listeners with wit and good humor every Saturday and Sunday.

Surrounded by a group of columnists and journalists, it offers new meetings around daily life, culture and the land.

This presidential year marks the great return of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach who will take charge of the major interview every weekend at 8.15am.

Listeners will find the editorial signed Catherine Nay (8:38 am), Sébastien Guyot's diary without forgetting the races by Thierry Léger at 6:10 am.

9-10 am "It happened this week" (Saturday) / "It happened tomorrow" (Sunday), presented by Frédéric Taddeï

Frédéric Taddeï returns for a second season, and deciphers the spirit of our time through those who embody it… on Saturdays to take a step back and look back on the past week and on Sundays to anticipate the week to come.

10 am-11am (Saturday): "Les Grandes voix", presented by Pierre de Vilno

Deciphering, analyzing and debating political life, these are the watchwords of this meeting led by Pierre de Vilno surrounded by the historic voices of the station: Catherine Nay, Michèle Cotta, Charles Villeneuve, Gérard Carreyrou.

Every Saturday, they put their expertise and their perfect knowledge of political life at the service of listeners.

10 am-11am (Sunday): "Le Grand Rendez-vous", co-broadcast on CNEWS and Les Echos, presented by Sonia Mabrouk

For an hour, Sonia Mabrouk, a voice well known to the station's listeners and CNEWS viewers, Nicolas Barré, editorial director of Les Echos, and Mathieu Bock-Côté, sociologist, academic and Quebec essayist, question their guest about the great current affairs and on its responsibility as an actor in public life.

A program rich in debates and exchanges to gain height in this presidential year.

The big reference interview, in partnership with CNEWS and Les Echos.

11 am-12.30pm (Saturday): "La table des bons vivants", presented by Laurent Mariotte

Laurent Mariotte, surrounded by the bon vivant Yves Camdeborde, Ophélie Neiman and Charlotte Langrand of the Journal du dimanche, offers a program about everyday cooking and better eating.

Whether they are chefs, artists or intellectuals, they share their passion for good products and gastronomy with listeners.

Walks through the markets and among the producers, simple recipes and tips, are on the program of this gourmet meeting.

11 am-12.30pm (Sunday): "La table du dimanche", presented by Laurent Mariotte

The Sunday table will transcribe the atmosphere of a Sunday lunch around a guest to discover it from another angle.

Friendliness, humor, confidence, exchange and the unexpected.

As a common thread, a chef will execute a recipe of his choice.

The discussion with the guest will be punctuated by exchanges with the cook, but also with surprise guests, artisans of taste and a recurring guest, the critic Emmanuel Rubin;

he will distill his favorites and his rants around gastronomy and news.

12.30pm-1pm: The journal, presented by Thomas Lequertier

The mid-day meeting presented by Thomas Lequertier accompanied by the editorial staff of Europe 1. Thirty minutes for a complete tour of national, international and sporting news.

A great interview comes to close this great half-hour of information.

1 p.m.-2 p.m .: There is not just one life in life, presented by Isabelle Morizet

Every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m., Isabelle Morizet leads, on the tone of conversation, a big interview with a personality.

A tête-à-tête without false modesty where the interviewee lets himself be carried along the road of confidences.

2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Saturday): CLAP !, Saturday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., Laurie Cholewa

Every Saturday, Laurie Cholewa immerses listeners in the world of the 7th art.

What are the latest releases, the films being shot?

... CLAP reviews all the latest cinema news in the company of distinguished guests ... Didier Allouch will present "Le Journal d'Hollywood".

CLAP, the show that tells the story of cinema!

Laurie Cholewa will also be every Wednesday at 7.47am in Dimitri Pavlenko's morning.

2 pm-3pm (Sunday): "The voice is book", presented by Nicolas Carreau

Fourth season for The voice is book presented by Nicolas Carreau.

Whether it is through the words of a writer he receives, the library of a personality he visits, a bookseller with whom he talks or a work that has marked the life of an auditor, Nicolas Carreau, puts books in the spotlight on Europe 1.

3 pm-4pm (Saturday): "Samedi en France", presented by William Leymergie

William Leymergie invites listeners to explore the different regions of France.

Through several themes: tourism, history, sound archives of events that took place there, or the biography of born national celebrities, William Leymergie, accompanied by Gavin's Clemente Ruiz, honors the diversity of French heritage by revealing, lesser known aspects to listeners.

3 pm-4pm (Sunday): "Tell me what you sing", presented by Didier Barbelivien

Sunday in Tell me what you sing, a guest reveals himself in songs at the microphone of Didier Barbelivien, singer-songwriter.

Five songs that marked his life to discover it from another angle.

6 pm-8pm: "Europe Soir week-end", presented by Pierre de Vilno

Pierre de Vilno, voice of the station, takes the controls of the large section of information of the weekend.

Several topical guests follow one another at his microphone during two major interviews at 6:20 p.m. and 7:19 p.m.

At 6.30 pm, he animates the "debate of great voices".

At 19:27, listeners will find the environment column presented by Virginie Salmen, the "Listen to the world singing" meeting carried by Christophe Nicolas and Philippe Legrand offers, at 19:50, a major interview.