China News Service, Zhengzhou, August 2 (Reporter Han Zhangyun and Li Guigang) On the afternoon of August 2, the Information Office of the Henan Provincial Government held the tenth "Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief in Henan Province" press conference.

The mayor of Zhengzhou City, Hou Hong, notified that by 18:00 on August 1, 292 people were killed and 47 people were missing from the heavy rain in Zhengzhou.

  Hou Hong reported that 189 people were killed due to floods and mudslides; 54 people were killed due to house collapse; 39 people were killed by drowning in underground spaces such as basements, garages, and underground pipe networks, including 14 people on Metro Line 5, which has attracted much attention. , 6 people were killed in the Jingguang Road Tunnel, and 10 others were killed.

  In counties (districts), 64 people were killed in Gongyi City, 58 people in Xingyang City, 46 people in Xinmi City, 12 people in Dengfeng City, 2 people in Xinzheng City, 2 people in Shangjie District, 0 people in Zhongmu City, and a total of 184 people were killed.

A total of 108 people were killed in five districts and four development zones in the city.

  Hou Hong said that after the disaster, Zhengzhou has raised 427 million yuan in special funds to issue temporary living allowances to ensure the basic production and life of the rural victims; it has issued a relief fund of 38,779,800 yuan to properly resettle the transferred people; organize professionals to enter the village. Investigating the safety of common people’s houses; nearly 900 million yuan of transfer payment funds for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction have been allocated to ensure the simultaneous recovery of agricultural production.