The Ground Self-Defense Force's parachute unit conducted descent training jointly with the US military, and for the first time, flew directly from Japan overseas and landed on Guam.

The purpose is to improve the capabilities of island defense, and it seems that the training is aimed at China, which is strengthening the movement to advance into the ocean.

The joint training was conducted on the assumption that it was occupied by the port facilities on the island, and more than 100 people from the Ground Self-Defense Force, the parachute descent unit "1st Airborne Brigade," participated.

On the night of the 29th, the members boarded a C130 transport plane of the US Army, took off from Yokota Air Base, and took about 5 hours to fly about 2600 km and arrived over Guam Island.

Then, he went down to the island one after another with a parachute and confirmed the procedure to control the opponent.

This is the first time that the Ground Self-Defense Force's parachute unit has conducted training to fly and descend directly from Japan to overseas, and the purpose is to improve the ability of island defense through training to travel and descend over long distances. is.

At the Defense Ministers' Meeting in March, Japan and the United States confirmed that the Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. Army would carry out advanced training to strengthen their responsiveness, and this training is based on this. about it.

The Self-Defense Forces and the US military are expected to aim to enhance the defense capabilities of the Nansei Islands and other areas, with China in mind as it strengthens its marine advancement.