Our reporter directly attacked the citizens of Zhengzhou city after the heavy rain, understanding and helping each other

  "It's not easy to be able to help a little bit today"

  After being ransacked by heavy rains, what is the current situation in Zhengzhou city?

Is the life of citizens gradually recovering?

Yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily arrived in Zhengzhou after the rain.


  The water in the nearby culvert is still deep

  On the afternoon of the 21st, a reporter from the Beiqing Daily saw near the Shahekou Metro Station of Line 5 where water accumulated on the 20th. All the entrances and exits of the Shahekou Station had been closed. Many residents were sitting near the entrances and exits of the Shahekou Station. Put your hands together to mourn the citizens who were unfortunately killed in the subway last night.

  A merchant near the B1 exit of Shahekou Station said that after a day of rain on the 20th, the merchant started power outage in the afternoon, and he did not continue to operate.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that there is still water on the east-west road of Shahekou Metro Station. The exit of Shahekou Metro Station is relatively high, and there are concave culverts in the east-west direction. There is a lot of water in the two culverts. Deep, there are cordon lines in front to prohibit people and vehicles from passing.


  Traffic has not fully recovered

  On the afternoon of the 21st, because the road buses and subways did not resume after the rain, it was impossible to get a taxi.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily tried to scan the code to ride a shared bicycle, but because of the intermittent mobile phone signal, it was unable to scan the QR code. Later, a kind middle-aged eldest sister was equipped with an electric bike and ended the walk interview.

Before leaving, the eldest sister told reporters, "It's not easy to be able to help a little today."

  Outside Zhengzhou East Railway Station, opposite the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Longhai West Road and other places, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw the front of a car pressing on another car.

A car owner said that this may be because of the deep accumulation of water on the street on the 20th, which caused the car to float up. When the water level dropped, some cars were pressed on top of other cars, forming a "car stacking arhat".

  On Nongye East Road, Longhai West Road and other places, reporters from Beiqing Daily saw that some vehicles were not parked in the parking spaces, or even parked in the middle of the road retrogradely.

On a viaduct, a driver put a piece of paper behind the front windshield of his illegal parking. The text on the note roughly stated that he found that the rain was too heavy at 6 pm on the 20th and he did not dare to take risks. Parked the car on the bridge and walked home. "If my car obstructs the traffic and is towed away with great effort, I am willing to take the corresponding responsibility." According to a report from the Zhengzhou City Traffic Police Department on the 21st, during this torrential rain emergency rescue, The traffic police shall not post a penalty for vehicles parked in violation of regulations.

  Road condition

  There is a "barrier" at the open well

  Under a viaduct north of Shakou Road, you can see that there is still a lot of water, and only the head of some road signs is above the water.

A nearby resident said that this was originally an intersection, but because of the low-lying terrain, it is currently covered by stagnant water, "I feel that the deepest part of the water should be three to four meters."

  At the entrance of the underground garage of a community near Shakou Road, it can be seen that yellow water has filled the garage, and 4 cars are floating in disorder at the entrance of the garage.

The staff of the community told the Beijing Youth Daily that the heavy rain on the 20th caused water to pour into the garage. There were dozens of cars in the garage at the time of the incident.

"At present, we are waiting for the drainage facilities to arrive, and after the water is drained, we will let the car owners go to make claims."

  A reporter from the Beiqing Daily noticed that there were manhole covers that were launched into the water on some roads, and some citizens moved shared bicycles and iron railings to these open wellheads to remind passers-by to pay attention to safety.

There are also some enthusiastic citizens standing near these manhole covers and the collapsed roads to remind passers-by to avoid danger.


  Merchants look forward to business recovery as soon as possible

  A reporter from the Beiqing Daily saw on Nongye East Road and other places that most of the roads’ stagnant water had receded, but many roads were piled with three to four centimeters thick yellow sand, and there was a slight smell of silt.

Many passers-by need to be very careful when walking to avoid slipping.

  In a bazaar near Shakou Road in Zhengzhou, many businesses are clearing the silt out of their shops.

A fruit business said that it started to rain on the morning of the 20th, and many citizens stayed at home to hide from the rain and did not come to the farmers’ market.

After the power outage in the afternoon, he closed his business and went home to hide from the rain.

"Later, I heard from people who stayed at the farmers' market that the water spread into the farmers' market with mud and sand in the afternoon, smashing the glass doors of some shops, including my home, and the mud and sand entered the shop."

  The merchant stated that it is estimated that the fruit damaged by the blisters is about 2,000 yuan. "At present, I want to clean up the silt first, so that the business can get back on track."

  Text/Reporter Qu Chang