Shortly before his death last year, Chadwick Boseman had taken steps to launch a program dedicated to students wishing to enter the entertainment industry at Howard University where he had himself studied.

And according to TMZ, the Washington establishment, historically frequented by African-American students, has decided to honor the actor's wish with the creation of this course which will also bear his name.

But it is also the faculty of the arts as a whole which is reinventing itself around the star of

Black Panther


Sharing experiences

Asked by the publication, university president Wayne Frederick explained that the arts faculty will offer a masterclass cycle “inspired” by Chadwick Boseman.

Students who register will have the opportunity to meet professionals from the entertainment industry who will come to share their experiences.

“Chadwick's love for Howard University was genuine, and although he did not live to see these projects come true, it is an honor to ensure that his legacy lives on through the Faculty. of the Arts Chadwick A. Boseman with the support of his wife and the Chadwick Boseman Foundation, ”Wayne Frederick said in a statement.

Finally, singer, actress and producer Phylicia Rashad has already been appointed as Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Howard University.

It will be up to him to carry out the project Chadwick Boseman dreamed of before succumbing to cancer last August.


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