A child suffocates while breastfeeding after the sudden death of her mother in Argentina

A newborn girl died of suffocation after her mother died suddenly while feeding in bed.

Mariana Ojeda (30 years old) from Argentina, a mother of three, suffers from high blood pressure and had a heart attack, which led to the suffocation of the girl who was breastfeeding her at the time.

Mariana's eldest daughter was visiting her grandmother when the accident occurred, and unusually, she did not come to pick her up and did not answer repeated calls, which worried family members. Husband Gabriel, who was at work at the time, called his wife over and over until his three-year-old son finally answered the phone and said, "My mom is still sleeping."

Gabriel hurried home in Corrientes, Argentina, to discover that his wife had died in bed with his two-month-old daughter.

The NHS indicated that high blood pressure may increase a person's risk of a heart attack or stroke if not treated and investigations are still ongoing.