As long as the mother is here, we can always be a "child"

  Mom, the warmest word in the world is always associated with gentleness, beauty, kindness, and virtuousness.

Of course, in the face of bear children, no matter how good-tempered mothers are, they will inevitably get angry.

The same world, the same mother, who hasn't grown up a little bit by mother's nagging and reproach?

It’s just that, at different ages, the mood and feelings of being nagged and scolded by my mother are absolutely different——

  When we were young, our mother's scolding and nagging were as serious and terrible to us as the sky collapsed;

  When we were young, our mother's nagging and scolding made us "bored";

  But as we get older, we can feel more and more happiness and pride in the broken thoughts of mother.

  We hope that our mother will always be able to "find faults" to us so energeticly.

  Time is a thief. It stole mother’s black hair and mother’s young face. We only hope that it will not completely steal mother from us, because as long as mother is there, we can always be "children"...

Happy mother's day, mom

Hope whenever

We can all hear your kind "nagging" and "reproaching"

And be nagged and cherished

  Creative Comic: Ni Wenbing

  Copywriting planning: Wang Kai