The 6th was a summer day in a wide area except Hokkaido.

At the Akita Prefectural Office, "Cool Biz", in which people spend their time in light clothing without lowering the temperature of the air conditioner in the room, has begun, and employees who have finished the Golden Week holidays are working without wearing jackets.

At the Akita Prefectural Office, Cool Biz started this month, and on the 6th, the staff members who finished the Golden Week holidays did not wear ties and were working in light clothing such as taking off their jackets.

Akita City on the 6th is sunny, and the maximum daytime temperature is expected to be 19 degrees Celsius, which is as warm as mid-May.

A 29-year-old male employee said, "I will refresh my body and soul with holidays and Cool Biz, and I will do my best to work."

Tsutomu Homma, chief of the Akita Prefecture Global Warming Countermeasures Division, said, "Since the country is also aiming for a carbon-free society, I would like to take measures from a familiar place and use it as an opportunity for each citizen of the prefecture to raise their awareness of energy conservation." Was there.

Regarding Cool Biz, the Ministry of the Environment has called for voluntary efforts from this year without setting a period because it is not suitable for the actual situation, but the Akita Prefectural Office plans to hold it until the end of September as usual.