[Explanation] On April 18, Xu Yuanchong, a professor of translation industry and Peking University, celebrated its 100th birthday.

On the same day, Peking University held the "Mr. Xu Yuanchong's Translation Thoughts and Achievements Seminar".

Mr. Xu Yuanchong made a special trip back to Peking University to participate in this birthday party for him.

  [Live Voice]

  I've been to your home.

Yuan Xiaohua remembers that he is a leading cadre.

Greetings to you, 59th and 60th, greetings to you.

  [Explanation] Xu Yuanchong is an outstanding Chinese translator, a bridge between Chinese, English and French cultures, and the only Asian winner of the "Northern Light" Outstanding Literary Translation Award, the highest international translation award.

He devoted his life to translation work for more than 80 years.

  [Explanation] At the birthday party, the 100-year-old Xu Yuan rushed like Hong Zhong, and the 100-year-old speech still talked about translation.

  [Concurrent] Translator Xu Yuanchong

  (Today) I'm not talking about myself, but about our Chinese thinking.

Tao is very Tao, and this sentence cannot be translated by foreigners.

That Tao is translated into DAO, how does this work in the world?

So the West does not understand China enough. As far as the Chinese Lao Tzu I just said, the West does not understand it, and the Chinese have many explanations of Tao.

(Someone) translates into Law, Dao refers to reason, refers to law.

(I turn it over) Truth can' be known, but it may not be truth you known. So Lao Tzu, this is a problem in the world, and I think our Chinese principles are right.

  [Commentary] He also encourages juniors to continue their efforts.

Carry forward Chinese translation theory and spread Chinese culture to the world.

  [Concurrent] Translator Xu Yuanchong

  I think Chinese translation can go to the world.

I said that Western translation is wrong, Lao Tzu is wrong, there are more poems, and I don’t know how many mistakes there are in the poems.

How can foreign countries understand China with this kind of translation?

So I think that our Chinese translation method theory should evolve outward, and foreign countries have to absorb good ones.

So everyone here, this is one of your important tasks, to bring Chinese culture to the world and make the world culture more brilliant.

  [Explanation] On the same day, colleagues in the translation industry in China, experts and scholars from Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Southwest University came to celebrate.

Several of the first students of Xu Yuan rushed to Peking University's teaching department also made a special trip to celebrate their birthday, and Yu Minhong was one of them.

He recalled that Mr. Xu was not only a dean of academic circles, but also an impressively good teacher.

  [Concurrent] Yu Minhong, Chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group

  Because our class is the first class that Mr. Xu teaches after arriving at Peking University, because a teacher generally teaches a class that is not easy to remember the names of students, but he can remember the names of two-thirds of our classmates. It can be called out, and I think it can be called out at least half of it so far.

Mr. Xu is a very passionate teacher. He is really a tall man when he lectures, with a loud voice, full of passion, and full of romanticism.

  [Explanation] Xu Yuanchong is still full of creative passion during his tenure.

Yu Minhong said that although he is a "bad student" in the eyes of the teacher, in his heart, Mr. Xu's spirit still affects him.

  [Concurrent] Yu Minhong, Chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group

  According to Mr. Xu himself, Yu Minhong was not a good student. He always thought that I was not a good student because I stopped doing translation and academic research.

Later on, the characteristics of the middle part of my teaching, including being passionate, like telling stories, etc., still have a lot to do with Teacher Xu.

The other is the rigor of English translation, and we have learned a lot from Mr. Xu.

  Reporter Wang Shibo reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]