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  • A veritable sea serpent, the A69 motorway, which should link Castres to Toulouse by 2025, continues to create a stir.

  • Opponents of this project are mobilizing this Saturday to denounce the possible creation of careers and against the highway as a whole.

  • They will form a human chain along the RN 126. A symbolic toll will also be established on the village road.

They do not disarm.

The Tarn collectives PACT (No highway Castres-Toulouse), "Stop Carrière - Montcabrier 81" and the mayors united against the highway, have planned to demonstrate this Saturday, April 17, in the village of Teulat, along the RN126 where they will form a human chain and install a symbolic toll.

They have always been against the construction of the future A69, which will link the city of Jaurès to the Pink City.

And against the creation of careers to fuel this future work.


Indeed, for the earthworks of this highway, it will be necessary to open quarries to recover aggregates.

In the middle of last summer, the NGE public works group announced the imminent opening of three sites near villages.

The outcry had been immediate.

"On January 15, we had an interview with the sub-prefect and he tried to reassure us by telling us that the State had not received from NGE a career opening file to be examined", details Mickaël, a member of the Stop Carrières - Montcabrier 81 collective.

We could therefore believe that no quarry will then emerge near the future motorway.

"But to our great surprise, he also taught us that it was not impossible for the future concessionaire to redo his own calculations in terms of the need for materials to launch projects to open quarries in other municipalities", continues this opponent.

Asked about this, the Tarn prefecture told

20 Minutes that it

did not have a local response to provide, the file being "now in the hands of the Ministry of Transport".

And the winner is…

The future concessionaire for this site, estimated at more than 400 million euros, will be chosen from among three candidates, including Vinci and Eiffage, should be known by the end of 2021. Work should then begin immediately for delivery. expected in 2025. Theoretically of course…


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