"Dead" comes to life on a autopsy table in India

While an Indian had a motorbike accident on the autopsy table after doctors announced his death, he suddenly issued signs indicating that he was still alive, as reported yesterday (Wednesday) by an employee in the health care authorities.

According to Agence France-Presse, the 27-year-old was transferred at the end of last week in critical condition from the city of Mahalingapur in the southern state of Karnataka to a private hospital where doctors declared his death.

His family took the "body" to a nearby government hospital, where it was scheduled for an autopsy on Monday.

His relatives told the local press that a pathologist suddenly noticed that the body on the autopsy table was moving.

An official in the health care authorities confirmed the story, and told AFP that the young man was immediately transferred to another hospital, where his condition is improving.

The official admitted that the doctors of the private hospital showed "a miscalculation."

He added that the family has yet to file an official complaint of medical negligence.