Peking University receives the largest alumni donation of 1 billion yuan since the establishment of the school

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Liu Jing) Yesterday, the donation ceremony of Peking University Zhong Gong Education Development Fund was held in the Moonlight Hall of Yingjie Exchange Center.

Peking University alumni, honorary school director, chairman of Zhong Gong Education Group, Li Yongxin, and the Beijing Zhong Gong Charity Foundation he founded, on the basis of already donated 180 million yuan, donated another 1 billion yuan to establish Peking University Zhong Gong Education Development Fund to fully support Peking University Science Development in various aspects such as construction, teaching and research, faculty and personnel training.

This is the largest personal donation since the founding of Peking University and the largest alumni donation.

  In his speech, Li Yongxin reviewed the life of Peking University as a student, expressed his gratitude to his teacher, and expressed his love for his alma mater.

He said that Peking University and Peking University alumni have given him great support and encouragement in his entrepreneurship and career development.

Zhong Gong Education must work harder and work harder. In the future, the first RMB 10 billion donated to society and education will also be donated to the alma mater.

  Qiu Shuipi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University and Chairman of the Education Foundation, awarded the Peking University Outstanding Educational Contribution Award to Zhonggong Education Group.

Li Yongxin accepted the award on behalf of Zhong Gong Group.

Peking University President Hao Ping and Li Yongxin signed a donation agreement.

It is reported that the 1 billion yuan donated this time will be used in all aspects to support the development and construction of Peking University, as well as the establishment of Zhong Gong Deshan Scholarships, grants, teaching scholarships and Zhong Gong Chair Professors and other projects.

  Alumni Li Yongxin graduated from the Department of Political Science and Administration of Peking University (now Peking University School of Government) in 1999 and is currently the chairman of Zhonggong Education Group.

He has been enthusiastic about and vigorously supporting the development of his alma mater. In recent years, Li Yongxin has donated funds to support the teaching, scientific research and talent training of the School of Government Management, and supports the preparation of Peking University’s 100th Anniversary series.

In 2018, Li Yongxin donated 100 million yuan to support the construction of Peking University's quality campus, alumni work and the development of humanities.

In 2019, he successively donated funds to the School of Government Management and the School of Education.

In 2020, he once again donated funds to support the White Angel Guardian Fund, and has made important support and contributions to his alma mater for many consecutive years.