Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini co-hosted Eurovision France, you decide, on France 2, on January 30, 2021. -

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  • Eurovision France, you decide

    , broadcast Saturday on France 2, aimed to designate the song and the artist who will represent France at Eurovision in May.

  • Barbara Pravi and her song


    stood out.

  • If you haven't watched the show,

    20 Minutes

    summarizes the points to remember.

On Saturday, Barbara Pravi won

Eurovision France, you decide

, the French selection for Eurovision 2021. 2.37 million viewers were at the rendezvous of the France 2 program which featured twelve songs.

Here are the five main points to remember ...

  • Well done Pravi

She confirmed her status as favorite.

Barbara Pravi came first in the ranking of the jury and the votes of the public: 204 points in her bag.

A victory without question.

It must be said that with


, she offered three spectacular minutes of poetry and emotion: the scenography and the realization understood everything about the grammar of Eurovision.

The singer, she didn't just perform her song, she embodied it.

She told

20 Minutes

that when she sings it, she is "almost in a trance".

We take her word for it.

  • Juliette Moraine, surprise runner-up

We must admit, we would not have bet on a second place with 136 points for Juliette Moraine.

Not because she didn't deserve it, but because her song,

Pourvu that one loves me

, belongs to the same register as that of Barbara Pravi.

That is to say, the refined French song, focused on emotion, interpreted fixedly behind a microphone ... We therefore imagined that it would suffer from the status of favorite of



We were wrong: the jury was overwhelmed by her performance - Dutchman Duncan Laurence, winner of Eurovision 2019, said he wanted to work with her - and ranked her second on her list.

As for the votes of the public, she finished in fourth place, which did not prevent her, in the general classification, from keeping the silver medal.

  • Amui and Casanova worn by the public

If Barbara Pravi was unanimous on the public side and the jury, other artists have split more.

This is the case of the Amui trio, who came from Tahiti.

Red lantern of the jurors (8 points only), he finished on the third step of the viewers' podium (70 points), which allowed him to finish sixth in the general classification.

Polynesia has mobilized very widely to support its local idols.

The Corsicans undoubtedly contributed to carry Casanova, the child of the country, to the second place of the televote (80 points) and to the fourth place final, while the personalities granted him only 22 points and the sixth place of their Top.

The opposite trend is for the electro duo Pony X and the singer LMK who have thrilled the jury but much more moderately the public.

  • Andriamad, unexpectedly eliminated

Prior to the show, Andriamad appeared as Barbara Pravi's main competitor.

Twist: the duo were eliminated after the first round of voting.

The jury, which had the power to draft a candidate for the second round, preferred LMK to him.

Have the viewers been completely sealed off from their song,


, yet unifying ingredients?

Or were they influenced by the criticisms addressed by Amir, the president of the jury, to Kevin, the singer, reproaching him in particular for not being comfortable in the dance.

The other candidates were treated to much more benevolent or indulgent debriefings.


would have deserved more lenient treatment.

  • The Boccolini advantage

She had won the first season of Mask Singer, but she wasn't there to sing.

Nevertheless, Laurence Boccolini assured the presentation of the show alongside Stéphane Bern.

The new recruit of France 2 had repeated during the press conference that she was a fan of Eurovision.

She seemed indeed happy and at ease as mistress of ceremonies alongside Stéphane Bern, whether it was to bring a touch of humor or to make a launch in Tahitian.

A complementary duo that we should find in May in the comments of the competition.


Relive the program "Eurovision France, you decide"


“Eurovision is going to be a lot of work, but I'm ready!

», Reacts Barbara Pravi

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