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Despite a remarkable start to her career in independent films, Elizabeth Olsen was more attracted to more mainstream roles.

In fact, the younger sister of the Olsen twins only dreamed of one thing, to star in blockbusters, like those that had rocked her childhood such as the

Star Wars



But for that, we had to be cunning.

"I was trying to find a way to start making it known (what I wanted), because I felt like all I had was disrupted female roles in independent films," The actress explained to Collider, before joking, “(Now) it's just disturbed women, but in big franchises!


So how did she go about getting roles in big budget movies like


, The



Captain America: Civil War



“I was told to meet the people who run these companies and that's literally what I did.

I met Kevin (Feige) and a few other people who were working there at the time.

And then I met the people who were running Legendary at that time, and also a few others in other places, ”Elizabeth Olsen continued.

Bet won for Elizabeth Olsen who, since, has chained the blockbusters to finally land the leading role in


, the new series of superheroes on Disney +.


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