"So seldom does delicious and healthy unite in such a wonderful way."

Pomegranates are a true miracle fruit from the Middle East and are also very popular in Germany.

Food technologist Roya Vahedi gives an insight into the world of the special fruit in three videos.




Food technologist

There are different types of pomegranate: sweet and sour. The redder the shell, the more acidic the core. Sour pomegranates have a slightly thinner skin: when you pick them up, you can tell that the kernels are right underneath. You can tell that the ones with the thick skin, i.e. the sweet pomegranate, are a bit firmer. This could be more of a sweet pomegranate and this one is more of a sour pomegranate.

It is not 100 percent that if a pomegranate has a light skin it is sweet, and if a pomegranate has a red skin it is 100 percent sour.