Spraying pesticides in a field.



Jean-Michel Nossant - Sipa

This is a decision that could set a precedent in France.

The town hall of Fors near Niort in Deux-Sèvres has decided to compensate a farmer so that he no longer spreads pesticides near the town's nursery and primary school.

"The agreement reached consists in not treating the part adjoining the school over a distance of 120 meters by 30 meters (more than the 20 meters imposed by law), he does not pass any product and leaves his land fallow and we, in exchange, we compensate him for his operating loss, ”explains the councilor Alain Canteau at the microphone of France Bleu.

The town hall via the association of parents of pupils of the school will compensate the farmer up to 450 euros because it cannot do it directly itself according to the law.

The elected official hopes in any case that this agreement will give ideas to others.


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