Due to the detection of the second bird flu virus in the prefecture this winter at a poultry farm in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, the culling of more than 1.12 million birds was completed after 2:00 pm on the 19th.

Following the detection of the bird flu virus in chickens at a poultry farm in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture on the 11th of this month, Chiba Prefecture and the Self-Defense Forces have been slaughtered 24 hours a day, but at 2:20 pm on the 19th. Announced that all the cullings had been completed in minutes.

According to the prefecture, the number of chickens in this poultry farm was initially reported to be 1.14 million, but the actual number of chickens raised was more than 1.128 million.

In the future, the prefecture will bury the disposed chickens and disinfect the facilities.

In addition, according to Chiba Prefecture, measures were taken to restrict shipments at nine neighboring poultry farms, but as a result of discussions with the government on seven of these, it was confirmed that there was no risk of infection, and a special case It means that the resumption of shipping was approved.

In Chiba prefecture, bird flu was confirmed at a poultry farm near the same city of Isumi late last month, and about 20% of chickens for egg collection in the prefecture were slaughtered by virus detection at two poultry farms. ..

According to JA Zenno Tamago, the market price, which is an index of the egg transaction price in the Kanto region, is 145 yen per kilo on the 19th, which is 25 yen compared to the beginning of this month due to the influence of successive outbreaks. It's getting higher.