Chinanews client, Beijing, December 21st (Reporter Zhang Ni) As New Year's Day is approaching, domestic colleges and universities have entered the final stage one after another, and the student army will return home soon.

Affected by the epidemic, major colleges and universities implemented a "staggered" holiday this year, and many colleges and universities even started the winter vacation mode in December.

  How is this winter vacation different?

Has the epidemic prevention and control been deployed?

Data map: On April 10, at Taiyuan Railway Station in Shanxi, returning students from colleges and universities received body temperature tests at the exit.

On the same day, the first batch of colleges and universities in Shanxi Province reopened for undergraduate, master and doctoral graduation grades.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wei Liang

Colleges and universities implement staggered holidays and have school holidays for more than 2 months

  Recently, there have been newly confirmed cases in many provinces in China. Coupled with the approaching of New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, as one of the main forces of inter-provincial migrants, the winter vacation arrangements for college students have attracted much attention.

  In response to the epidemic prevention and control of schools, the Office of the Leading Group for the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic of the Ministry of Education has recently issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work on Campuses this Winter and Next Spring."

The "Notice" requires that schools in all regions should plan early winter vacation and spring school arrangements, and coordinate normalized epidemic prevention and control, teaching and scientific research.

Colleges and universities adhere to the principle of "staggered peaks", arrange for students to leave school in batches in an orderly manner, and properly arrange the winter vacation life of the remaining teachers and students.

  From the actual situation, different from previous years, this year, the winter vacation of universities in various places has opened a "time difference", and the length of the vacation is also quite different.

  For example, Tianjin Normal University’s winter vacation will start before New Year’s Day. According to the school’s arrangements, students will have winter vacation from December 21, 2020 to February 27, 2021, with a vacation of more than 2 months.

  According to the school calendar published by the China University of Political Science and Law, the students of this school will start the winter vacation on January 9, 2021, return to school on February 28, and formally start classes on March 1, with a total of 50 days of vacation.

  The winter vacation of Renmin University of China lasts from January 18 to February 21, 2021; the winter vacation of University of International Business and Economics starts later, starting from January 25, 2021, and ending on February 26, February 28 Day is the student registration day.

  According to the announcement issued by Wuhan University, the school will be closed from January 17 to February 23, 2021.

The winter vacation at Fudan University will also start on January 17, 2021, the registration time for undergraduates is February 28, and the registration time for postgraduates is February 26.

Data map: Students study in the self-study room of the library.

Photo by Liu Xiaohua

Personal defense, closed management... Epidemic prevention measures "

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  The winter vacation is approaching, and education departments and universities across the country have begun to actively deploy epidemic prevention and control during the holiday.

  This month, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education held a work conference on the prevention and control of epidemics in the winter and winter vacation of the education system of the province to deploy the prevention and control of campus epidemics in winter and spring.

  Regarding the prevention and control of campus epidemics, Zhejiang requires that people be on the same defense, fully guard the campus gate, continue to strictly implement campus epidemic control measures, adjust campus management and control measures based on actual dynamics, strengthen campus gathering activities management, and pay close attention to all people entering the campus. The inspection and disinfection of similar materials, especially imported materials and cold chain materials, shall establish and improve the centralized supervision and unified disinfection and inspection mechanism of cold chain food in school cafeterias.

  In addition, Zhejiang also requires preparation of work plans for winter vacation and the next semester in advance, orderly doing well in the work of students leaving school during vacations, continuing to do a good job in the management and service of students staying in school during vacations, strengthening home-school communication, guiding and arranging students well Vacation life; real-time grasp of the health of teachers and students, to provide a basis for the study and judgment of the new semester.

  In addition, the education departments of some provinces have recently "rolled names" on the inadequate epidemic prevention work of some schools.

  For example, recently, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education and Provincial Health Commission jointly held a video conference.

At the meeting, it was reported that some schools in Nanchang High-tech Zone had insufficient stocks of epidemic prevention materials, and some schools in Suichuan County did not regularly clean up and kill public places such as canteens and toilets as required.

  The meeting proposed to strictly control the "three barriers" outside the school gate, school gate and inside the school gate, and further strengthen epidemic prevention and control around the Spring Festival holiday.

  In addition, major colleges and universities have recently held intensive work deployment meetings to sound the "wake-up call" for the prevention and control of the winter holiday epidemic.

  A few days ago, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications held a deployment meeting on campus epidemic prevention and control during the winter vacation.

The school emphasizes that it is important to implement responsibilities at all levels, do a good job in campus closed management, student leaving, teaching management, logistics support, material storage, on-duty duty, information reporting, etc., and strictly enforce the discipline of leaving school and returning to school to strengthen the campus Line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

  Capital Normal University previously issued a notice clarifying that teachers, students and employees "will not leave the country if necessary."

All secondary party organizations must strictly do a good job in reviewing and approving faculty and staff going to Beijing, and the student affairs department strictly manages leaving school for record.

Insist on the implementation of relatively closed campus management and "return to school conditions" requirements not to relax, strengthen the school gate "Beijing Health Code" and effective nucleic acid test negative certificate verification, etc.

Data map: Returning students receive a love epidemic prevention package.

Photo courtesy of Tongji University

Pay attention to these when going home during winter vacation!

  Since the beginning of winter, there have been sporadic epidemics in many places, but according to previous domestic disease control experts, although there is a large flow of people during the Spring Festival, as long as there are no infected people in the population, there will be no major epidemics with a wide spread.

  For returning home during the holiday, disease control experts and local education, health and health departments also gave some travel tips:

  1. Don't go to medium and high risk areas unless necessary.

  2. Plan the return route, simplify the itinerary, pay attention to the changes in the medium and high-risk areas in China, avoid transferring vehicles in the medium and high-risk areas on the way, and take personal protection.

  3. Return home from a medium-to-high-risk area in the country, pay attention to relevant requirements such as the nucleic acid test certificate of the residence, and actively report the relevant situation to the community and the CDC of the district where the residence is located upon arrival.

  4. Personal protection should be done when returning home, and a mask should be worn throughout the journey when taking public transportation.

  5. Pay attention to hand hygiene when traveling, and wash hands frequently at stations, airports and other places.

  6. Pay attention to personal hygiene on public transportation and cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

  7. During the Spring Festival, try to avoid going to confined spaces with a lot of people indoors, and reduce visiting relatives and friends and gatherings with a large number of people.

  8. Strengthen self-health monitoring. If you have fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms, you should wear disposable medical masks or above, and go to the nearest designated hospital for fever clinics immediately. Avoid public transportation as much as possible during medical treatment. Please take the initiative to inform the doctor of your travel history and contact history in detail when you see a doctor to facilitate timely investigation.

Wish all the students go home safely and return to school happily!