The Chinese media gave an arbitrary meaning to BTS' entry into the U.S. Grammy Awards, causing them to frown.

The Chinese Global Times said on the 26th, "BTS was able to achieve achievements, such as being nominated for the Grammy Awards, because the Chinese Army was there. With Chinese Army money, it was possible to get first place in'Billboard Hot 100'." Once again, the damage would be great if you say anything that undermines the dignity of China and defies planting. You will have to think again when you make your next statement,” he reported.

This is a narrow interpretation that limits the global performance achieved by the self-development of BTS's years of sweat and effort and the support of ARMY around the world to the contributions of Chinese fans.

The Global Times is an English version of the Chinese Global Times that misleads BTS's Van Fleet Awards to belittle China.

After receiving the Ban Fleet Award awarded by BTS on the 7th to the people who contributed to the development of friendship between the United States and the Republic of Korea, the World Times said, "This year is the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. He advocated the spirit of'anti-American aid' and criticized "BTS ignored China's sacrifice."

This report was also criticized for being "bigoted and distorted gaze" without obtaining the consent and sympathy of the domestic and overseas media.

Eventually, Hwangu Times deleted the article.

Nevertheless, fans also became angry as the media continued to attempt to reduce the performance and performance of BTS.

BTS was nominated for the'Best Pop Duo Group Performance' category at the 63rd American Grammy Awards.

This is the first Asian singer.

Reuters reported on this nomination, "K-pop sensation BTS was nominated as the first Grammy nomination, making great progress as a Korean group."

Billboard, a media specializing in popular music in the United States, praised "BTS finally broke through (the Grammy's Wall)" saying, "As Korean groups made amazing progress on the global pop stage, did the Grammy finally recognize a major cultural change?"

This year's Grammy Awards will be held on February 1.

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)