[Explanation] Recently, China has adjusted the age for applying for a small car driver's license. The upper limit for applying for a small car, small automatic car, and moped driver's license has been adjusted from 70 to no restrictions.

In response to the implementation of this new measure, are all major driving schools ready to welcome senior drivers?

On November 23, the reporter visited major driving schools in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

  [Live Sound] Training scene

  [Explanation] On the training ground, Liu Yingxiang, who has been coaching for more than 10 years, is teaching a 68-year-old driving student to reverse the car into the garage.

At each point, Liu Yingxiang repeatedly exhorted the details that needed attention.

In the past few days, Liu Yingxiang’s driving school has attracted many elderly people over 70 to consult and sign up to learn to drive.

Seeing such a scene, he was quietly deploying his new teaching plan.

  [Concurrent] Coach Liu Yingxiang

  I suggest that students who are a little bit older, like them, should learn the automatic transmission models, and they should master a little bit better, and it is easier to pass the training or examination.

Arrange some special care (teaching) to let them practice the car, such as one-on-one, repeating practice with the car.

I am worried that there are definitely some of them failing subjects, but we will definitely work hard to strengthen their training.

  [Explanation] Learning to drive, the elderly may be weaker than the young in terms of receptivity, memory, physical strength, etc. due to the growth of age. This also requires coaches to have targeted training programs during training.

Many coaches said in interviews that they are looking forward to the arrival of senior students.

  [Concurrent] Coach Yang Ganjun

  Many people who used to (for those who have driven a car), or who (before) had a driver's license, need to be more patient in teaching.

People who have driven a car before have a lot of bad habits. It is even more difficult to teach (correct) him. If it is an elderly person who has not driven a car, it is better to teach. It is like a blank sheet of paper. (Teach) how to do it.

  [Concurrent] Coach Zhu Xiaoli

  The hours of training must be doubled compared to younger students. For the elderly to learn driver's license, we must be very attentive, careful, gentle and communicate with them.

I really hope that I can bring an over 80-year-old man over to learn a driver’s license. I have trained him. I want to take a photo with him. (Come) send me a circle of friends. I feel extremely proud. .

  [Explanation] Different from the previous process of learning to drive, for those over 70 years of age to obtain a driver’s license, the physical examination needs to increase memory, judgment, reaction ability and other ability tests, and an annual physical examination is required to submit a physical examination certificate .

For people over 70 to learn to drive, physical health is a mandatory condition. In order to adapt the physical and mental health of the elderly to practicing, many driving schools also provide "benefits" in terms of tuition and learning environment.

  [Concurrent] Guizhou Motor Vehicle Driving Skills Training Practitioner Li Jian

  (Currently) is actively negotiating with insurance companies to develop an insurance specifically for the elderly who are 70 years old (and above) to learn to drive.

(In addition) Now that the weather is getting colder, we have prepared some (resting) houses on the site, (including) grilling and heating equipment, to ensure that there is no unpleasant or uncomfortable place for the elderly during their studies.

What we want to teach them is not simply a driving skill, but more importantly, the habit of safe driving, and how to use some new functions of the Internet on various cars at this stage, and how to make them accessible without barriers. .

  [Concurrent] Chen Guanglin, a motor vehicle driving skills training practitioner in Guizhou

  After the older one came, he was always under pressure to learn to drive and to take exams. What we wanted was to set up a class that could learn at any time.

Regarding the registration fee, we can give them further discounts so that they have no pressure on fees.

  [Explanation] The emergence of new driving test measures has ignited the enthusiasm of many elderly people to learn to drive.

The more convenient life of the elderly and the increased autonomy in life have become the main driving force for the elderly to learn to drive. With the continuous development of the times and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the elderly in China have become more and more happy in their later years.

  [Concurrent] Driving school learner (68 years old) Liao Pengan

  There are more than 100 people in our three WeChat groups. They will try as long as I learn it. There is also a seventy-four-year-old him.

The goal is that we organize a team and go out to play. 

  (Reported by reporter Yuan Chao and Liu Peng in Guiyang)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】