November 13 is the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

This anniversary is very special, mainly because France is still in the dual test of prevention and control of the new crown epidemic and counter-terrorism, and is facing relatively arduous challenges.

  One of the main locations of the terrorist attacks in Paris was the Bataclan Theater.

In order to prevent and control the new crown epidemic, France has entered the second national "closed city". All shops and cafes around the theater are closed. There are few people on the street, and the atmosphere is more solemn.

  Some people still come to the theater from time to time to lay flowers in mourning.

Some mourners said that they are still unforgettable about what happened five years ago.

In front of the memorial commemorating the victims near the Batakland Theater, there are also people in the memory.

The theater is full of memorials such as flowers and photos.

  On November 13, 2015, a severe terrorist attack occurred in Paris, killing 130 people, 90 of whom were killed at the Bataclan Theater.

An official memorial event is held every year in Paris.

  Due to the epidemic, the scale of the day's commemoration was greatly reduced, and the official mourning activities were not open to the public. French Prime Minister Castel, Interior Minister Dalmanin, Paris Mayor Hidalgo and others took place at the Bataclan Theater and other Paris terrorist attacks. A small-scale memorial ceremony was held in a low-key area.

  Although the current epidemic is serious, in response to the severe anti-terrorism situation, French officials have stepped up anti-terrorism.

Macron held a meeting with leaders of Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the European Union this week to discuss and coordinate responses to the threat of terrorism.

The meeting reached some consensus, and the leaders of many countries at the meeting agreed that measures should be strengthened to protect the EU's external borders.

(Reporter Li Yang edited Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: [Tao Guangxiong]