On the afternoon of October 29, a 200-jin wild boar rushed into a milk tea shop in downtown Nanjing. The clerk jumped out of the cabinet and fled. The wild boar then jumped out of the cabinet and rushed out the door.

After receiving the police, the Shazhou Police Station of the Jianye Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau organized the police to search along the street and read the surrounding surveillance, and found that a wild boar was hiding in a factory area.

After nearly 4 hours of searching by the police, the area was gradually narrowed and it was clear that the wild boar was hiding in a bush.

Subsequently, the police organized defenses in the surrounding area and contacted the professional arresters of Hongshan Zoo to rush to the scene.

The zoo staff used the anesthesia gun to find the right time and hit the boar accurately.

After the onset of the drug's effects, the police and zoo staff worked together to drag two hundred catties of wild boar from the bushes.

Currently, wild boars have been sent to Nanjing Hongshan Zoo for further resettlement.

(Video source from Nanjing Public Security Bureau Jianye Branch reporter Shen Ran Zhang Chuanming reported in Nanjing, Jiangsu)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]