China News Service, Nanjing, October 18 (Reporter Ge Yong) On the 17th, three coordinators from Yanjiang Street, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing had a physical conflict with a mobile vendor.

Later that same day, Jiangbei New Area issued a "Circular" stating that in the afternoon, the coordinator Chen Moumou who participated in the assault was dismissed; after investigation and evidence collection by the public security department, three persons who violated the law, Chen Moumou, Wei and Wei respectively imposed administrative penalties of administrative detention for 13 days and imposed a fine of 600 yuan, and criticized and educated the illegal behavior of the vendor Wu.

On the evening of October 17, Nanjing Jiangbei New Area officially issued a "Circular".

  According to the "Circular", at 10 o'clock in the morning on October 17, 2020, Chen Moumou, Wei Mou, and Wei Moumou, assistants of the Yanjiang Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, inspected to the intersection of Qiaoyi Road and Langshan Road and found A mobile truck stall owner, Wu, occupied the road to sell apples. The coordinator stepped forward to persuade and stop. Wu refused to cooperate, and the two sides had a physical conflict.

During the period, three coordinators beat Wu with punches and kicks, but were dissuaded by the crowd on the spot.

  After the incident, Jiangbei New District attached great importance to it, quickly set up a special work class, immediately launched an investigation, and severely dealt with the parties involved.

  The Party Working Committee of the Yanjiang Sub-district quickly initiated the disposal procedures. According to the relevant work regulations of the sub-district, the coordinator Chen Moumou who participated in the beating was dismissed in the afternoon.

After investigating and collecting evidence by the public security department, three persons who violated the law, Chen Moumou, Wei Moumou, and Wei Moumou, were individually detained for 13 days and fined 600 yuan as an administrative penalty, and the street vendor Wu Mou's illegal behavior was criticized. education.

  The "Information Bulletin" stated that the Jiangbei New Area's urban management department will learn from one another, earnestly learn lessons, effectively strengthen the work style of the cadre team, enhance the legal awareness of all staff and the public's concept, strive to reflect the good image of law enforcement for the people, and be a good city with practical actions The defender of order and the guardian of the people's interests.