A long way to go to prevent juvenile crimes

  Youth Education

  "Auntie, can I return to school to take the final exam after the court session?" A middle school student defendant told me during the trial of a deliberate injury case.

"Judge Zhang, please, help her, she is still so young, what can we do in the future?" A haggard mother took her daughter and said to me.

This 11-year-old daughter is the victim of a rape case... As a judge who works as a minor trial, she often encounters such minor defendants and victims in her work.

  "We are not actually handling cases, but other people's lives." Faced with the immature faces and thinking about their future life, I felt heavy in my heart, and at the same time, I clearly realized: fighting crime, It should not be the final return of our work; how to prevent minors from committing crimes is the goal that our juvenile judges should continue to pursue. There is a long way to go.

  Engaged in minor trials for many years. In practice, minor criminal cases that have been contacted mainly involve personal injury (common crimes such as intentional injury, assembling a crowd, etc.), property violations (common crimes such as theft, robbery, etc.), drugs Crime-related categories (common crimes such as drug trafficking crimes).

The occurrence of these juvenile crimes has caused serious adverse consequences to society, families, schools and individuals.

Therefore, how to let young people learn legal knowledge, strengthen the concept of the rule of law, and stay away from illegal crimes has become an important part of my work.

  As a member of the Legal Propaganda Group for the Prevention of Juvenile Crimes and a part-time vice president of the rule of law, analyzing and judging the types of cases, analyzing the criminal motives and reasons behind the cases, and giving targeted opinions and suggestions are important issues before me. .

For this reason, we have repeatedly participated in Jiangbei Middle School, Xiaba Middle School, Huaguang Primary School, Caijia Liangjiang Civilian Residential School and other schools. The above is a good opportunity for the rule of law class, based on each vivid case, in order to enhance the students' concept of the rule of law. The goal is to guide a mock court trial as an aid, carry out many times of "rule of law into campus" law popularization activities, to help young students to establish the correct concept of friendship, values, ethics, know respect for the law, abide by the law, and stay away from illegal and criminal activities.

  In view of the high incidence of sexual assault of minors in the society in recent years, we actively guide young students to learn and discuss with the help of stories and other forms to help them keep in mind the four principles of self-protection: "Private parts cannot be touched, small favors cannot be asked, and bad information Don’t go to see, walk in company, don’t stay alone", strengthen self-protection awareness and avoid recurrence of tragedy

  Teenagers are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation.

Their healthy growth is inseparable from the joint efforts of family, school and all parties in society.

Preventing juvenile crimes and building a beautiful and harmonious campus together, we are always on the way!

  Zhang Xiaohui, Deputy Chief of the Comprehensive Trial Division of the People's Court of Beibei District, Chongqing

  Our reporter Zhan Haifeng collated