The sky is going higher and the night is getting longer.

With the colors of autumn darkening, today (28th) is the last Monday of September.

Even today, the clear sky will be revealed as the whole country is in the sphere of high pressure.

As expected, the daily temperature difference will widen.

In particular, the temperature of Daegwallyeong is currently down to 3.7 degrees.

There are some places where frosts fall in mountainous regions, so be careful with crop management.

During the day, the temperature in Daegwallyeong rises to 20 degrees and 24 degrees in Andong.

As the mid-gawi approaches, you may be curious about the weather for the Chuseok holiday. I have news.

After Chuseok, the days will get sharply chilly.

The air was clean all over the country today, and there was thick fog all over the country on the way to work.

In the East Sea, the wave rises up to 4m high and a storm warning is issued.

Today's daytime temperature is 26 degrees between Seoul and Jeonju, similar to yesterday.

(Ahn Soo-jin, weather caster)