French dubbing legend, actor Roger Carel, known in particular for having lent his voice to Asterix and Mickey, has died at the age of 93.

The actor Roger Carel, comedian and legend of French-speaking dubbing, who has lent his voice to many cartoon characters including Asterix and Mickey, died at the age of 93, we learned Friday from his son.

The actor died on September 11 and was buried in the strictest privacy in Villejesus in Charente on Thursday, his son Nicolas told AFP, confirming information from the Parisian.

Born Roger Bancharel on August 14, 1927, Roger Carel has lent his voice to many actors and cartoon characters, from Jerry Lewis to Peter Sellers, including Asterix, the C-3PO droid from "Star Wars" or Alf.

Kermit the frog, it was him!

Benny Hill?

Him again !

He made his debut in the theater and in radio serials where his singular voice with a mischievous tone, which he transformed at will, quickly made him famous.

His vocal abilities which allow him to interpret several characters in the same work, open the door to the first cartoon studios.

Sign of his success, he is regularly enlisted for the French voice of Mickey but also that of the serpent Kaa in "The Jungle Book", before Winnie the Pooh, Kermit the Frog, the cat of "Alice in Wonderland ", Benny Hill or Hercule Poirot.

In 1975, Disney even gave him the voice of the character of Jiminy Cricket in a new dub of "Pinocchio" by Hamilton Luske and Ben Sharpsteen.

Roger Carel will also dub famous actors including Charlie Chaplin in "The Dictator", Jack Lemmon and Peter Ustinov.

In 2012, the actor received the prestigious Henri-Langlois prize in the dubbing category.