The tightness of the bed Most serious "Stage 4" Not applicable New Corona September 12, 16:18

The latest data on the status of infection by prefecture was released, and in the "bed tightness", no prefecture corresponded to the most serious "stage 4" in the index.

On the other hand, "Stage 3" corresponds to 10 prefectures such as Okinawa and Ishikawa prefectures.

The government subcommittee classifies the infection status of the new coronavirus into four stages, of which there is concern that "stage 4", which requires preparation for the explosive spread of infection, and the medical care provision system will be seriously hindered. As for "Stage 3", specific indicators are shown as a guide.

"The tightness of the bed" corresponds to stage 4 when the "maximum room usage rate that can be secured" is 50% or more, but according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the applicable prefecture as of 9th of this month. Wasn't there.

On the other hand, in 10 prefectures, the "maximum secured bed usage rate" was 20% or more of the stage 3 index. The highest was

▽ Okinawa prefecture 44%,

▽ Ishikawa prefecture 40%,

▽ Tokyo prefecture 31%,

▽ Fukuoka prefecture 30%,

▽ Fukui prefecture 28%,

▽ Osaka prefecture 27%,

▽ Aichi The prefecture is 26%,

▽ Mie and Tokushima prefectures are 23%, and

▽ Gunma prefecture is 22%.

A subcommittee of the government said, "The indicators are just a guide, and the national and prefectural governments need to comprehensively judge the stage based on the local conditions," and on the 11th, a measure to stimulate tourism demand, "Go To. It is recommended to consider excluding prefectures that are judged to be "Stage 3" for "Travel" from the business.