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  • Trinity The Tuck is a drag queen, played by Ryan Taylor, 35, known for her participation in RuPaul's Drag Race where she won the fourth “All Stars” edition.
  • Since the beginning of August, she hosts every Tuesday (at 1:30 in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Paris time) on Twitch, Love for the Arts, a competition of drag-queens.
  • The artist gave an interview to 20 Minutes . The opportunity to talk about his career and the vision of the evolution of the drag scene.

Trinity The Tuck is one of the most famous drag queens. A notoriety due to his performances in RuPaul's Drag Race , the American drag-queen competition exciting an ever-growing audience since it was posted on Netflix.

In 2017, Trinity The Tuck was in the ninth season finale. A year later, she won - tied with Monét X Change - the fourth All Stars edition , bringing together a handful of iconic ex-candidates.

At 35 - half of which was spent playing her glamorous character on stage - the one who, in the city, is called Ryan Taylor, does not intend to play the queens clinging to their glory, fearing to be dethroned by others. "A successful person can help others succeed in their turn," she told 20 Minutes .

"I know the work it takes to make a name for yourself"

Of which act. Since August 4, she presents on Twitch Love for the Arts , a drag queens contest in which ten candidates take part. “It's important to give a platform to people who don't yet have it. I was a local drag artist for a long time, I know the effort, the work that it takes to make a name for yourself, ”she confides.

Specificity of Love for the Arts , the participants are from the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala or Great Britain. They are not gathered on the same set but shoot their performances each at home. A device that appeared during confinement in the spring. Many drag queens, from New York to Paris or Canberra, unable to perform in bars and clubs, have fallen back on direct via Instagram or Facebook.

“We have to find new ways to entertain and reach audiences. It's a different and profitable experience: once the health crisis has passed, I want to continue to do virtual work ”, assures Trinity The Tuck, who sees these tools as a means of being seen by an audience that does not have the opportunity. to go and applaud him on stage for geographic or economic reasons.

"Drag is not just for cis and gay men"

In her nearly eighteen-year career, Trinity has seen the world of drag change "a lot". She took her first steps on stage at the age of 18, in a small town in Alabama where she is from. “All of the drags were the same and did what they considered to be transformism, that is, they tried to be as realistic as possible in the female incarnation. Subsequently, I discovered a lot of other artists and noticed that there are several styles of drag. "

She continues: “Today you can drag on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and become famous online. I find it good. It helps our art to move forward. Over time, people realize that dragging isn't just for cis [non-trans] and gay men. It's for everyone: cis women, trans people - who've been in the drag scene from the start. "

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In recent years, the international public has had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what was originally part of the LGBT [lesbian, bi gay and trans] counterculture. In addition to RuPaul's Drag Race which has just formalized the launch of its thirteenth American season and has seen its concept be rolled out in Thailand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands, we must also reckon with Dragula , Celebrity Drag Race and therefore, Love For The Arts . And again, we list here only program concepts based on a competition. Isn't there a risk of saturation? "No," Trinity The Tuck answers without hesitation. It is an art form. There are so many artists. These shows only show a fraction of them. If you are a fan of drag, you want to see some. "

"The political dimension of drag is not disappearing, it is evolving"

Neither is she one of those who deplore seeing broadcasts becoming mainstream which were hitherto a pleasure for insiders. She views this democratization very positively. “  Drag Race and Dragula are a positive influence, not just for the LGBT community. The straight community can learn a lot of things by watching them, find themselves in the stories [the competing artists sometimes evoke their difficulties, traumas and personal problems], there is no limit, she says. "

On social networks, Trinity The Tuck is very popular. She has 300,000 followers on Instagram, more than a million on Twitter where she clearly expresses her opinions and commitments. "Politically, it is more effective in getting messages across on what I believe in, that is to say equality for all, justice, a better tomorrow", affirms the one for whom "the political dimension of drag does not disappear, it evolves ”.

“The art of drag is political in itself,” she recalls. Because we must not forget that under the guise of entertainment and more or less pronounced exuberance, the drag queens, sometimes in spite of themselves, question and shake up standards, genres and social injunctions.


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Tribute to Chi Chi DeVayne

On Thursday, the death of Chi Chi DeVayne (Zavion Davenport in civil status) was announced. The drag queen, who had competed in season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race and the third All Stars edition,  succumbed to pneumonia at the age of 34. Trinity The Tuck reacted to this information on Monday with "20 Minutes": "I had the chance to do a tour with Chi Chi a few years ago, for a Christmas show. She was a beautiful soul, so kind, one of the nicest and most pure that I have met. We lost someone great. Many don't realize that she was an excellent vocalist. They sang very well. I really encourage people to do research and watch videos of his performances on the internet. "

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