China News Service, Kunming, August 23. The Information Office of the People's Government of Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province reported on the 23rd: On the afternoon of the 22nd, a kayak overturned accident occurred in Dayingjiang, the county, causing 6 people to fall into the water, 3 of them. Rescued, another 3 people lost contact.

  After verification by the public security organs, the main course of the incident was as follows: At 13:00 on August 22, Langsangyuan (from Yingjiang) invited Lei Baoliang (from Yingjiang), Yang Xuwei (from Dali), Chen Lian (from Dali), and Chen Long (from Dali) and Li Shaoqiao (from Kunming) carried a kayak on their own and started drifting from the river beach under the Daying River Lahulian Bridge. When the kayak drifted to about 1 km downstream of the Dayingjiang Lahulian Bridge and turned around, the 6 people on the boat fell into the water on the spot. Among them, Yang Xuwei and Chen Lianyou went ashore about 400 meters downstream of the accident site and were rescued by themselves. Lei Baoliang was rushed by the river to the vicinity of Jiangxin Beach about 1 kilometers downstream of the accident site and was rescued by people and rescue police.

  After the accident, the local area quickly organized all parties to search and rescue the missing persons.

  At present, the three people from Langsang Hospital, Li Shaoqiao and Chen Long are still missing, and the on-site search and rescue work is still underway; Lei Baoliang has been sent to a doctor for treatment and his vital signs are stable. (Finish)