An old man in Shunde, Guangdong Province tripped on a dog leash and died. Local police intervened in the investigation

  On August 17, an old man in Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, tripped on a dog's leash and fell to the ground. He died after being sent to a doctor. This incident caused heated discussion.

  On the afternoon of August 18, the staff of the People's Government Office of Xingtan Town and the Luoshui Community Residents Committee of Xingtan Town both told The Paper that the incident had been reported to the police and the local police station intervened in the investigation.

  The Paper reported earlier that an official in Xingtan Town told The Paper that the old man passed away after being sent to a doctor and the family of the deceased and the dog owner were communicating.

  The Paper noted that some netizens commented that the woman who led the white dog was not the owner of the dog and was a minor. Regarding this statement, on the afternoon of the 18th, the relevant staff of the Shunde District Public Security Bureau responded that they were understanding the situation.

  The surveillance video of the incident showed that at about 17:17 on August 17, a woman was walking a white-haired dog on the street. Afterwards, the white dog saw another dog without a lead, running and chasing, the woman couldn't hold it. A few seconds later, when the two dogs were chasing, a white-haired old man was tripped to the ground by the leash hung by the white dog.

  The Paper Journalist, Liao Yan, and intern Lin Yifei