The decisions come after Fortnite manufacturer Epic Games introduced its own payment system, to avoid paying fees to Apple and Google on all purchases made in the game. It violates the rules of the technology giants and in response, the game has been removed.

Epic has started a publicity campaign against Apple on social media, and also sued Apple and Google for stopping the game in the two major app stores.

No special solution

Both Apple and Google state that they are working with Epic to solve the problems. Apple emphasizes that Epic will not receive a special solution:

"The fact that their financial interests have now pushed them for a special agreement does not change the fact that these guidelines create equal conditions for all developers and make the store a safe place for all users," Apple said in a comment on Reuters.

Conflict with Microsoft

Players who have already installed "Fortnite" on their machine with the IOS operating system can still play it, but users will not be able to download new updates. As for Android devices, the game is still available, but not via Google Play.

Apple already has a similar conflict with Microsoft over their streaming service for games Xcloud.

"Gaming services can definitely be released on the App Store, as long as they follow the same guidelines that apply to all developers," Apple said in a comment to Business Insider.