Saitama Prefecture TikTok usage suspension planned Security concerns August 5 20:34

Regarding the world-famous video app "TikTok" provided by a Chinese company, Saitama Prefecture has stopped using the official account that was planned to be used for public relations activities because of concerns about information security.

This February, Saitama Prefecture signed an agreement to cooperate with a Japanese corporation of an IT company headquartered in China, which operates an application in June after opening an official account of "TikTok", in PR activities of the prefecture.

However, the prefecture freezed the agreement last month, saying that the Trump administration was concerned about the Trump administration's concern that personal information might be misused, and the prefecture froze the agreement last month. It means that you have stopped using.

It means that full-scale operation of the application based on the agreement has not started.

Saitama Prefectural Public Relations Division says, "We will not freeze the agreement and use it until we can secure the information security so that the anxieties of the citizens of the prefecture can be dispelled."

Even in Kobe

The city of Kobe has suspended the account that it operated because the citizens were worried about the information security of the video sharing application "TikTok" provided by a Chinese company.

In May this year, Kobe City signed an agreement with the management company of "TikTok" and started a service to distribute videos of zoos, etc. to citizens who refrain from going out due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

However, when it was reported that the Trump administration of the United States was concerned about the misuse of personal information over "TikTok," more than 10 voices of anxiety such as "Is there a risk that personal information will be leaked?" It was sent.

For this reason, Kobe City suspended its account on the 3rd and suspended video distribution.

A person in charge of Kobe City said, "We decided that even if we stopped the video distribution on "TikTok", the information that should be transmitted would not reach the citizens, and we decided to take a break if there was anxiety."