While Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has been in love for three years with Camilla Morone, a 23-year-old younger model, he was recently spotted on a date with a'private plane' to avoid danger.

Foreign news sources, including British Daily Mail on the 19th, reported that DiCaprio recently appeared at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Camilla Morone.

One local media also said, "Leonardo DiCaprio and Camilla Morone have stayed at home for several months." As usual, DiCaprio spent a lot of time with his friends, but Corona 19 spent most of his time with Camilla recently. "I like it."

Camilla Morone, born in 1997, and DiCaprio, born in 1974, started dating at the end of 2017. At the time, Camilla Morone's age was murdered for 20 years.

However, Moroni showed a cool attitude toward the age difference with DiCaprio, and he said, "I understand that I am curious about DiCaprio's relationship with me." "You have to be able to get along with someone you want to date."

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