Employees of a Leclerc hypermarket posed to encourage the wearing of masks - E. Leclerc Luçon

"Let's continue to educate as many people as possible about wearing a mask so as not to find yourself" naked "in the face of viruses". This is the message conveyed by a photo widely relayed since this weekend on social networks. In the image, four employees of a hypermarket in Luçon (Vendée) appear naked, at the entrance to the La Belle Vie shopping center, partly hidden by a large banner with the inscription "Wear your mask". An initiative to ask customers of the E. Leclerc store in Luçon to adopt this barrier gesture, which becomes mandatory in enclosed spaces from this Monday.

The end of an “artistic blur”

The photo was even relayed by their boss, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, who says he is satisfied with this measure. "A good decision, which will put an end to an artistic vagueness", according to him, which will make it possible "to get out of the contradictory injunctions of consumers who claimed masks for the employees of the stores but not for themselves".

On his Facebook page, he continues: "The arrival of tourists who increase the frequentation in stores in holiday resorts, the threat of a second wave, the multiplication of clusters, and - it must be said too - a recent slackness from groups of revelers not yet recovered from the confinement, have led to uncivil and sometimes noisily rebellious behavior. "

From this Monday, a fine of 135 euros is provided for breach of the obligation to wear a mask in all enclosed public places.


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