JJ Lionel performs the Duck Dance on France 2 - France 2

He was the voice of those who "stir their loins". It is neither super cool nor extra crazy, JJ Lionel died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, we learn from L'Avenir. Jean-Jacques Blairon, who had chosen the artist name JJ Lionel, is dead. Mainly known for being the interpreter of the famous Dance of the Ducks , a dancing tube of the 1980s, he was also a bass player.

During his career as a professional musician, he was part of the orchestra of Herctor Delfosse and continued to perform the song that made him famous during festivities in eastern France.

A record

"Being neither the author of the song nor the composer, the hit never made JJ Lionel a wealthy man," says L'Avenir. And yet 3.5 million copies of the 45 laps of La Danse des canards were sold in 1983, enough to be included in the Book of Records of that year.


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