The Corona pandemic has put a stop to the American film and television industry with deferred and canceled film recordings as a result. But now the companies want to get back up and running, and therefore guidelines are being set up to secure the working environment and reduce the spread of infection in connection with film and television shows, CNN writes.

The guidelines have been developed in consultation with infection protection experts, trade unions and various actors in the film and television industry and include, among other things, that staff should be tested for Covid-19 and temperature changes, to maintain both hand hygiene and cleaning of premises and equipment, and to adhere to to physical distancing where possible. Protective equipment must be available to all personnel.

Recommends from studio audience

The film team is still encouraged to do some things digitally, such as casting of actors. On the other hand, other things that include studio audiences are not recommended. 

According to the report, actors are one of the groups most at risk of being infected by Covid-19 because they cannot wear protective equipment when the cameras are rolling, the report states. Similarly, you cannot get around the risk of infection in activities such as makeup and intimate scenes. Therefore, the report authors recommend that actors and other staff working close to them be tested more often.

There are still questions about how the guidelines will work in practice, and how much it may cost.