Use of inns as evacuation shelters by preventing "3 denseness" Wakayama Nachi Katsuura Town June 2 11:14

Nachi Katsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture, has an agreement with the accommodation facility side so that inns in the town can be used as shelters in order to prevent people from becoming so-called "3 dense" in the shelters before the typhoon season. I will tie it.

Nachi Katsuura Town, which has been hit by many disasters including the death of 29 people in the Kii Peninsula 9 years ago, has opened shelters in elementary and junior high schools and public halls until now, but people were in the same place. It is pointed out that the risk of spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus due to the concentration will spread.

For this reason, the town has put together a policy of utilizing the vacant rooms as shelters in cooperation with local inns and guest houses so that the townspeople can evacuate in a distributed manner. When the evacuation information is issued and the townspeople evacuate to the accommodation facility, it means that the town will pay 5000 yen per person per night as a room without meals.

By continuing to use existing evacuation centers such as elementary and junior high schools, we are introducing cardboards that partition the space and tents that can be used by each household to avoid crowding.

To prepare for the typhoon season of this year, the town plans to submit a supplementary budget proposal including accommodation expenses for a total of 600 people to the council this month. I'm tying. According to the town, these efforts are the first in Wakayama prefecture.