Actor Lim Chae-moo expressed his heartfelt controversy over the entrance fee controversy of the amusement park 'Duriland'.

On the 15th, SBS video mug released a video on YouTube titled 'Duriland, which was reopened in 3 years ... what are your thoughts on the admission fee controversy?' In the video, Lim Chae-moo said, "I felt sadness on the open day." 

Next, Lim Chae explained why he was forced to pay admission. "In the past, there were 15 to 18 employees, but now even if you work part-time, you are 70 to 80 people." "Even if you do not receive an admission fee, you will be closed for two months if you do not receive an admission fee." I had a hard time.

Regarding the point that the price was expensive, Lim Chae-moo responded cautiously, saying "I had a lot of trouble". He said, "Kids cafes usually play for 4 to 6 hours, and they pay about 15,000 won to 25,000 won."

Previously, Lim Chae-moo reopened Duri Land, which was made by blasting horseradish 30 years ago, after remodeling on the 24th of last month. A lot of people were welcomed by the news of the opening of Duriland, which was known as an amusement park without admission fees, but there were some people who were dissatisfied with the entrance fee after the reopening.
He said, "Now it is not King Lim's debt, but it is king's debt." He said, "It is my happiness to see the children's joy." 

In response to this, netizens said, "These are so strong that these adults are there," "It's great that they have been operating for free," and "It's ridiculous not to pay the admission fee."

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(Photo = video mug YouTube capture)