Kanagawa Prefecture 4 dead, 8 new, new coronavirus May 18 17:39

Kanagawa Prefecture and Kawasaki City announced on the 18th that a total of 4 people were infected with the new coronavirus, including hospitalized patients at the Odawara City Hospital where a mass infection occurred, and 8 new infections were confirmed. Did.

According to Kanagawa Prefecture, women in their 80s who were hospitalized at Odawara City Hospital where a mass infection occurred and women in their 90s who were using a group home in Odawara city died of pneumonia due to the new coronavirus on the 17th. It means that

Outbreaks have occurred in two wards at Odawara Municipal Hospital, with 31 people having been infected so far, and the fifth woman to have died on the 18th.

In addition, 6 males and females in their 20s to 70s were newly confirmed to be infected, and 4 of them have no known route of infection.

On the other hand, according to Kawasaki City, two people, a male employee in his 60s and a female woman in his 90s, who had been infected last month, both died.

A woman in her 90s was an inpatient at the Kawasaki Kyodo Hospital who had an outbreak, and was transferred to another medical institution to continue treatment.

So far, 21 people have been infected with the Kawasaki Kyodo Hospital, and this is the sixth woman to die.

In addition, a new infection was confirmed in men in their 80s who were residents of group homes in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, where a mass infection has occurred.

The number of people infected with this facility was seven, including residents and staff.

Furthermore, the city of Yokohama also announced that it was newly confirmed that a woman in her twenties living in the city was infected.

Women are mildly ill.

Now, according to the NHK summary, the number of infected people announced in Kanagawa prefecture is now 1274, of which 68 are dead.