A tram from the TCL network in Lyon. (Illustration) - Caroline Girardon / 20 Minutes

  • During this week of gradual deconfinement, 25% of TCL users returned to the network.
  • A low attendance which allowed the respect of the sanitary rules and a serene resumption of a traffic clearly more sustained than during the confinement.
  • The transport offer will be further reinforced next week and the school lines will resume service.

Low frequentation of buses, metros and trams which demonstrates the lack of enthusiasm of residents to use public transport but which has favored compliance with health rules. Since Monday, the beginning of progressive deconfinement in France, only a quarter of the usual TCL users have used the network on average, according to Sytral, which had set up an 85% transport offer.

"This frequency, offering a significant capacity, has made it possible to control flows and enforce physical distance," said the mixed union on Friday, which mobilized 400 agents this week to guide users and enforce health rules. Starting with the physical distance required between travelers and wearing a mask, mandatory in TCL.

"Our agents have already distributed more than 100,000 masks for free to travelers in our network and these awareness-raising operations will continue in the coming weeks," said Sytral president Fouziya Bouzerda, in a press release, noting that 90% of people equipped were already equipped with their own masks.

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Return of part of the schoolchildren

From Monday, the transport offer will be further strengthened on the network to reach overall traffic of 90%. The frequency of metro line A and the seven strong bus lines (C3, C4, C8, C13, C15, C20, C24) will be increased, according to the joint union, which targets 100% traffic here at the end of May. This should make it possible to manage the flow of travelers, who could be more numerous over the weeks to reuse urban transport.

As of May 18, school lines, stopped since mid-March, will also resume service to transport college students, some of whom must return to class next week. On the TCL network, 168 Junior Direct lines will operate, or 83% of usual traffic. On the Cars du Rhône network and the CCEL territory, 256 school lines will resume service, or 92% and on the Libellule network, the 4 school lines will serve establishments.

“All the coaches have been fitted out to respect the directions of traffic and placement, with the neutralization of one seat in two. In addition, masks will be distributed to students who do not have them, ”says Sytral, which has deployed significant resources throughout the network to secure its users and staff. Contactless disinfection kiosks have started to be installed in certain areas, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been installed in the tram lines and sanitary kits (masks and gel) are sold in metro vending machines.


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