Actor Ha Jung-woo opened his mouth to the suspicion of mobile phone hacking and illegal drug administration.

In an interview with Star News, which was released today (13th), Ha Jung-woo expressed her heart about the controversy surrounding her.

According to the media, it was December last year that he first noticed the damage to a mobile phone hack. The threats were threatened by Ha Jung-woo, sending a photo and a message taken from a travel destination with her ex-girlfriend, and Ha Jung-woo reported to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Cyber ​​Investigation Service on December 5, three days after the threat.

However, threats continued after the report. Ha Jung-woo said, "I was really amazed," said the menacing criminals, even after changing their phone number. It is said that the blackmailer also sent hacking data of other entertainers, and only then found that many other celebrities are being threatened.

In particular, Ha Jung-woo said, "The thing that was really difficult was that I was constantly exposed due to the promotion of the movie, but constant threats were coming." He also said, “I was doing Naver V live to promote (movie), but the text came out saying 'I'm watching a good broadcast. I thought I was going back.'

He said that when the blackmailers asked for a billion dollars to release the hacking material in line with the release of the movie, he said, "If you try, I will do it. If you have money to give, I will use it to catch you."

Afterwards, at the end of December last year, Ha Jung-woo, who received a text saying "I will not contact you any more," said, "It was a month like hell." He said, "I'm just a victim of hacking a cell phone. I handed over all the digital forensic information to the police, and I reported it and the investigation proceeded."

In fact, investigative authorities revealed that several victims of the hacking were reported by Ha Jung-woo, and that they arrested two criminals last month as a result of conducting an investigation in cooperation with Chinese security forces.

From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, it was revealed that they hacked the cell phones of eight celebrities such as Ha Jung-woo and Joo Jin-mo and threatened to leak personal information, and stole over 600 million won.

In addition, Ha Jung-woo revealed that he was unfair about the alleged illegal treatment of propofol as a "treatment purpose," and said that he had actively cooperated with the investigation, saying that the contents of the digital forensic analysis left at the time of the hacking of the mobile phone contained all the conversations he had with the doctor.

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